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What did the hipster say about the Chilean miners?

I liked them so much better when they were underground.

What's the difference between a priest and a chilean mining company?

One gets its miners stuck in shafts, and the other gets its shaft stuck in minors.

What's the difference between a Chilean mining company and a Catholic priest?

The Chilean mining company gets its miners stuck in a shaft. The Catholic priest gets its shaft stuck in a minor.

I was just reading up on how they rescued the Chilean miners

most of it was just boring.

What did they serve for lunch at Jurassic Park?

Chilean Sea Bass. Spared no expense.
Didn't you watch the movie?

whats the difference between American soccer and Chilean football?

american soccer and Chilean football are pretty much the same except every goal the Chileans throw a communist from a helicopter.

I'm relaxing on a beach in Chile

I'm Chilean out there

I just met an Irishman of Chilean descent.

His name was Con Kearney.

What do you call a chilean kid?

A chilean minor

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