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I've heard that Argentina is starting to get a little colder...

In fact, it's bordering on Chile

Why did the jalapeno put on a sweater?

Because he was a little chile

If you're leaving the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, make sure to put on a jacket...

It's Chile outside.

Chile joke, If you're leaving the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, make sure to put on a jacket...

Why do jalapeΓ±os wear jackets?

They're just a little chile.

How do you end world hunger?

Put Turkey in Greece to cook it, then cut it up and put it into Chile. Then put it on China and give it to Hungary.

So, I was at the UN headquarters...

So, I was at the UN headquarters and I was feeling a bit Hungary, so I was Russian to the kitchen to get a slice of Turkey, but it was covered in Greece. There's Norway I'm eating that, so I got some Chile instead. Something just Francy enough for me.

The Calbuco volcano is very hot right now...

But everything around it is Chile.

Chile joke, The Calbuco volcano is very hot right now...

Why will the 2018 world cup in Russia be so cold?

There's no Chile in it.

How are Chile mining companies and catholic priests different?

Chile mining companies get their minors stuck in shafts while catholic priests get their shafts stuck in minors

Argentina is surprisingly cold at this time of the year.

It's bordering on Chile

What's the coldest country in South America?

I don't know but it's probably pretty Chile

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Even though the country is called Iceland, its winters are actually quite mild.

Guess they should have called it Chile

What's some good advice if you're going into the Andes Mountains?

Bring a jacket, it's pretty Chile.

I feel like I've eaten three countries!

...namely Turkey, Chile and Greece.

If Chile and Turkey had a war...

Would that be a recipe for disaster?

Would Greece get involved?

One of my work friends just got back from Santiago.

He told me that it was nice but it was really Chile down there.

Chile joke, One of my work friends just got back from Santiago.

I love the smell of blown out matches...

Chile vs Mexico was a real treat!

My 8 year old cousin asked me if I wanted to hear a joke

Amanda: "I want to tell you a joke. Okay:
A snowman wants to go on vacation.
He wants to go to Chile because he thinks it will be chilly--BUT--he actually lands in a bowl of chilli.
Then he dies."

Why does no one swim in the western coast of South America?

Because the water is Chile

What country has the coldest bean stew


Hey are we next to Argentina??

Because it's very Chile outside

I'm relaxing on a beach in Chile

I'm Chilean out there

Why didn't Emma go to South America for the summer?

She heard it was Chile!

TIL that there are 10 species of penguins which occur in Chile

Turns out they like chilly places!

Madonna has many foreign boyfriends.. some are from Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France, England, Chile...

For her, Deportation is a Douche!

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