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My girlfriend dumped me today saying I was too childish

But today is opposite day so it's all good


My girlfriend threatened to break up with me

She said, "You act so childish whenever I'm around. Now, it's either 'your mom' jokes or me."

I said, "And I, like so many men before me, will eagerly choose your mom."


Childish but made me laugh

How do you embarrass an archaeologist? Show him a used tampon and ask, "What period is this from?"


My gf told me to stop being childish, she just wants to come in for a talk

not my fault she cant remember the password to my pillow fortress


The more time you spend with your lover, the more you become like them.

That explains why I'm so childish.


My girlfriend broke up with me

She thinks that I'm childish. So, I calmed down. Took a deep breath. Went to her house. Rang the doorbell and then ran away.


A teacher asks the children in her class what they done at the weekend...

"I went out for the day, and rode on the choo choo", said Billy.

"Billy", said the teacher, "we don't use childish and immature language in my class. You rode on a train... Steve?"

"My dad and I went go-karting but I crashed and got a boo boo", said Steve.

"Steve, I just said we do not use immature and childish words. You injured yourself... And class, I don't want to hear any of you use silly, childish, immature words. Okay, Johnny?"

"My mum and dad took me to the cinema to see the new Christopher Robin film with that bear Winnie The Shit."


Well, I know it's childish, but me and my girlfriend have just had a great time having a pillow fight and I won!

The secret is to stuff a few bricks in there..


My girlfriend wanted to have a talk about how childish i am

But she didn't have the secret password to my pillow fort so she couldn't get in


When i was 5 i thought the rain was god peeing

How silly childish ideas can be...thinking god exists


My girlfriend wanted to talk to me about how childish I am...

...but she couldn't because she doesn't know the password to enter my pillow fort.


Today my girlfriend told me I was being childish...

... I told the bitch to get the fuck out my couch fortress.


My wife and I were in the shower together...

Being awfully childish, I started to use her body like an instrument. When I'd tap her left boob, it made a snare noise, and her right boob was my cymbal. Her butt also made beautiful music as I struck it like bongos.

She started to get upset and yelled, "How would you like it if I used you like an instrument?!"

I replied, "Just fine, as long as I can be a flute."


My girlfriend told me I was too childish.

The other day, I bought her a pair of walkie talkies.

She squinted her eyes at me and said, "Our relationship is over."

I squinted my eyes right back and told her, "Our relationship is what? Over."


A man and a boy are walking in the woods

And the boy says in his childish voice "gee mister, these woods sure are scary!"
To which the man replies in a humbled tone " your telling me! And I gotta walk out of here alone!"


My girl broke up with me, thinks I am childish.

So, I calmed down. Took a deep breath. Went to her house. Rang the doorbell and ran away..HA!


I counted the times I was right in arguments with my girlfriend. I was right 1450 times and she was right 675 times.

She said it was very childish of me to count that. She was right about that, but that still leaves her at 676.


My Girlfriend thinks that I am childish

My Girlfriend broke up with me.

She thinks that I am childish.

So I calmed down, took a deep breath, went to her house, rang the doorbell and ran away.


My gf broke up with me. She thinks that I am childish...

So, I calmed down, took a deep breath, went to her house, rang the doorbell and ran away.


Childish immature jokes are the best

* Step 1: say "eye"
* Step 2: spell the word "map"
* Step 3: say "nus"
* Now say that all together...


I had to divorce my wife, she was just SO childish

She kept stealing my bath toys.


Guys.. Seriously Jew jokes aren't funny.

Anne Frankly They're childish and offensive


I finally convinced mom to watch anime to prove it's not childish and immature at all.

But it's weird to watch hentai with your parents.


What do you call a River who acts in a very Childish way?



My wife and I were at dinner with her pregnant friend and her husband.

Before we left the house, my wife told me to behave myself (I can be childish sometimes). As we were eating, her friend said, "I feel like there was something in the air that made me want to have a baby."

Without thinking, I said, "Yeah, your legs." And then the fight started.


I'm way too childish. I should stop saying "That's what she said"

"That's hard Michael"



The author of the book "Childish Retorts" died today.

RIP Ewan Whosarmy


What was Babe Ruth called when he was in elementary school?

Childish Bambino


What do you call it when a comedian falls back on childish humor simply to avoid complete failure?



They say you are what you eat.

Now I understood why I act too childish.


I've been fired for a childish behaviour

Apparently, sucking tits of my female coworkers wasn't such a good idea.


Yo Mama Jokes.

I find yo mama jokes very stupid and childish..
They are quite pointless and have no humor, the only humor is from children under 6.. Therefore, I find them very stupid, horrible, and pointless...... JUST LIKE YO MAMA!!!!!!!


My girlfriend told me i was too childish last week while we were shopping

I was so shocked i almost fell out of the trolley


My friends hate I when I use smiley faces.

They're just childish xD


an elephant never forgets..

so my dick remembers everything.

credit goes to Childish gambino.


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