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Traditional jokes from my childhood #3

A group of friends were hiking a mountain and were planning on having a picnic up there..

One of the friends stutters a lot on the starts of sentences... On the way up he kept saying "w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-" until they made it to the top of the mountain he was finally able to say "We forgot our food", everyone got mad and sad and started their way back down.

The joke doesn't end here... on the way down he kept saying "J-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j..." until they made it to where they had parked their car he was finally able to say "Just kidding".

An american comes back to the old country and is trying to explain his childhood friend what america is all about. "I jump in my truck in the morning and drive all day, and by night I still have not reached the other side of my farm"

"I know, I got a car just like that"

A man goes to the movie theater

He sees a childhood friend of his embracing a woman in the back rows. He goes up to them and asks, "Who's this?"

His friend proudly replies, "It's my lover!"

The man then said, "Not you, I'm asking my wife."

being an old man I only remember one joke from my childhood and here it is. I hope that you enjoy it

why did the baker get an electric shock

he stood on a currant bun

ha ha

anyway this is the only joke I remember from when me and my friends were sprogs back in the day with no internet or anything like that


Rog. H

My childhood was tough.

I'm so ugly, that when I was a baby my mother refused to breastfeed me.

She told me she just liked me as a friend.

Geology rocks! Geometry rules! Can you think of anymore?

I've always liked the joke from "Friends", that Ross has geology rocks! written in his childhood notepad. I also thought you could say geometry rules! Can you guys think of any others?

I have a childhood friend who has suffered from schizophrenia his whole life. In fact, he never moved out…

He still lives in my head.

A midget told their friend about a childhood story

It started with When I was little

This old Scottish friend of mine has saved every toothbrush he has used since childhood!

He even puts them both out on display occassionaly.

My friend showed me some of his childhood photos.

"These look nothing like you!" My friend responded "Why would they?"

I finally figured out how to reunite with my beloved childhood dog

a friendly visit with the Sentinelese

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My classmate was complaining that the only friend she had through her childhood was an imaginary friend...

I told her to rotate it 90 degrees.

I'm not racist!

I'll have you know my childhood best friend was black, but I haven't seen him since my dad sold him.

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