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  1. My now knocked up GF just told me that she's an anti-vaxxerr so I only have to pay for 4 years of child support instead of 18.
  2. If you accidentally knock up an anti-vaxxer, fear not! You'll probably only have to pay a few years of child support.

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  1. I only knock up anti-vaxxers. Better to pay 4 years of child support than 18.

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I knocked on my father's door in the middle of the night, begging him to let me in. I said, "Please let me stay here dad, I'm a wanted man."

He said, "That's impossible son. You weren't even a wanted child."

A salesman knocks on the door and a small child answers

The salses man asks, "Is your father home"?
"No, he was ran over by a tractor".
"I'm sorry to hear that, is your mother home"?
"No, she was ran over by a tractor".
"Do you have any big brother or sister at home"?
"No, they were ran over by a tractor"
"So what are you doing here all alone"?
"I'm driving a tractor"

Halloween trick or treat

I remember a story from last year. I was sat in my living room when I heard a small knock at the door. As I opened the door there was a little boy dressed as the Predator, with his dad. I asked "and who are you meant to be?" kneeling down to give him a sweet, "a child Predator" his dad responds. "What a coincidence" I thought.

Two men are driving down the road....

A police officer pulls them over and approaches the car. He knocks on the window and they roll it down.
The officer says "excuse me gentlemen we are looking for two child molesters in the area."
The driver rolls the window up for a moment and converses with his passenger. After a moment he rolls the window back down.
"OK officer, we'll do it."

Child to Parent - If you didn't see me for 10 mins would you remember me? Parent - Of course! Child - How about 10 hours, days, weeks, months, years? Parent - I will love and remember you for ever!

Child - Knock knock
Parent - Who's there?
Child - You've forgotten me already!

Courtesy of a child at work

(My responses are in the brackets)
Will you remember me in a hour? (Yes)
Will you remember me in a day? (Yes)
Will you remember me in a week? (Yes)
Will you remember me in a month? (Yes)
Will you remember me in a year? (Yes)
Knock knock
(Who's there?)
You've forgotten me already!

A Kiwi fella Steve and an Aussie bloke Wayne headed out fishing one Saturday and started downing a couple of beers on the boat.

After a while, Aussie Wayne steve says to Kiwi Steve, "mate, If I snuck over to your house and had some wild raunchy s**... with your wife while you were out, and she got knocked up and had a child, would that mean that we were related?" Kiwi Steve paused for a while and then says, "Well mate, I'm sure if that would make us related but it sure would certainly make us even!"

A child asks her mum if she will always remember her ...

****My sister told me this joke the other day****
Daughter: "Will you remember me in 1 hour?"
Mum: "Of course i will"
Daughter: "will you remember me in 1 day?
Mum: "yes dear"
Daughter: "will you remember me in 1 month?"
Mum: "to the end of time, i will always remember you"
Daughter: "will you remember me in 1 year?"
Mum: "i will never forget you"
Daughter: "knock knock"
Mum: "who's there?"
Daughter: "WHAT? I thought you said you wouldn't forget me!!!"