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If a Muslim beats his wife,

would it be domestic violence or child abuse?

A woman stopped me in the street today and told me a joke.

After hearing it, I thought it had all the ingredients of a great joke: child abuse; incestual rape, tears, poverty and suffering; but I didn't understand the punchline.

Something about $10 a month...

My dad is a magician

he could turn alcohol into child abuse

I hear they made a movie about an illegal immigrant who beats up a child abuser.

Alien vs Predator

I'm a victim of child abuse

Some kid in the park called me ugly

Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended. He must have done something that even the BBC find inexcusable

So that rules out child abuse then....

Great joke about child abuse!

Let me tell you guys before my dad beats me to it.

Cardinal George Pell has just been convicted of child abuse -

Just goes to show that abstinence makes the church grow fondlers.

What do you call an adult that abuses animals and wants to be in a relationship with a child?

A PETA-phile.

Barry Gibb has revealed that he was nearly molested as a child…

…but the would-be abuser gave him the HeebieBeeGees…

There's a new Child Abuse Victims help centre opening in London...

The headquarters are on Savile Row.

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I heard Steve Jobs was a Buddhist

Due to abusing child labor in asian countries, his karma was getting killed by a PC.

I live in a pretty rough area.

The priest at our church had to leave because of a child abuse scandal. He was raped by three kids.

Was about to hit my girlfriend

when i remembered child abuse is illegal.

For those of you that are scared of child abuse

Grow up!

Why did the abusive dad's child cry?

Beats me.

What brand of Headphones does an abusive father give to his child on his birthday every year

Beats by Dad

What's the difference between an insult and a traumatized child?

One is used by abrasive people, and the other was also raised by abusive people.

Taking to people about your child abuse experience is the toughest part.

The last time i did it, i had to spend 7 years in jail.

Italians and Spaniards are so used to Catholic child abuse...

... That they call the Pope daddy

I'm not sure how messed up this is.

What did Bill Cosby say when he was asked about the child abuse claims?

Kids say the darnedest things.

The Pope is making great strides in combating child abuse...

But many priests are still coming in a little behind.

Child abuse is now trademarked

Child tested, mother approved!

Life hack

If you beat your kids at a burger king it legally changes from child abuse to a whopper jr.

Government doesn't take pedophilia and child related abuses seriously.

Because govt. think it's a minor issue.

Giving a child alcohol is child abuse...

In Canada. In the U.S. it's fine. In Russia it's good parenting.

If an Indian man hits his wife,

Is it domestic violence or child abuse?

Alternative I called the child abuse helpline

Unfortunately it is for victims only

Study shows that countries without strict child abuse laws also have lower birthrates for conjoined twins

Well you know what they say; If you can't beat them, join them

Child abuse

Big whoop

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