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What do you call someone with a fetish for chickpeas?

A hummussexual.

What's the difference between black eyed peas and chickpeas?

Black eyed peas can sing us a song, Chickpeas can only hummus one!

Why should we hire the chickpeas to be part of our choir?

They could hummus a song!

(I was really proud of this one.)

Chickpeas joke, Why should we hire the chickpeas to be part of our choir?

My friend gets an erection whenever he sees chickpeas...

He's a hummussexual.

What did the Middle Eastern dictator say after he had lunch?

I ate too many chickpeas, now I falafel.

What are peas attracted to?


What do you call two gay chickpeas?


Chickpeas joke, What do you call two gay chickpeas?

I just killed a clan of chickpeas

It was a total hummuside

Why do sexual deviants love hummus?

Because the chickpeas

You can't sing with a mouthful of chickpeas

so hummus a tune.

What do you call chickpeas cooked in a waffle iron?


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What's the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean?

Chickpeas don't get reposted every single friggin day you unfunny bastards.

Two chickpeas are walking down the road

When one suddenly starts throwing up.

Hey man are you okay ?

no man I falafel

What did the chickpeas get arrested for after they went out, got hammered and killed a guy?


It felt good to mash up all my chickpeas...

But now I falafel.

What do watersports and hummus have in common?


Chickpeas joke, What do watersports and hummus have in common?

Two sides of hummus decided to go out to eat

Two sides of hummus decided to go out to eat. Once they finished eating, they said, "chickpeas!"

Did you hear about the chickpeas who took a tumble?

It was falafel.

What do you call one chickpeas smashing another?


*italics* gentleman bows

I ate so many chickpeas...

I falafel!

I'm allergic to chickpeas.

Any time I eat them I falafel.

I'm baking a vegan cake but I hate vegans so I've been insulting the ingredients..

It's not having any effect though, I guess it's hard to get a rise out of chickpeas

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