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What does a Chicago police officer and a professional skateboarder have in common?

They both shred footage.

(*be gentle, it's my first time.*)

Ok Chicago, please be responsible. If the game doesn't go your way tonight...

At least act like you've been there before.

What does the Chicago Cubs's name stand for?

Completely Useless By September

Chica joke, What does the Chicago Cubs's name stand for?

Why is Chicago called the Windy City?

Because Indiana sucks and Wisconsin blows

How many Chicago Policemen does it take to crack an egg?

None. It fell down the stairs.

Why are there so many Latina's in Illinois?

Because that's where the Chica go.

Pi pick up line

I thought I'd try out one of my friend's pick up lines the other day…

Me: My love for you is like pi

Chica: How so?

Me: It's never ending.

Her response: Also irrational.

Chica joke, Pi pick up line

How many Chicago PD does it take to throw a 69 year old doctor into an armrest?

None, he fell.

The Chicago Cubs have come a long way...


To the Chicago Cubs

Thanks, you've doomed us all.

Chicago really is the windy city.

After all, they did just win de World Series

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Chicago wins World Series for first time since 1908

In other news, Chicago burns to ground for first time since 1871.

Chicago is the cleanest city in the world right now...


Why was Chicago blushing at the party?

It's ShyTown

How do Chicago teachers know who's going to be absent?

Reading the obituaries

TIL Chicago is the #1 supporter of Latin women.

They always yell: Go Chica! Go!

Chica joke, TIL Chicago is the #1 supporter of Latin women.

Why can't Chicago take a hard stance on crime?

Why can't Chicago take a hard stance on crime.... because they have a Lightfoot!

What does a Chicago Cop say after firing six shots into an unarmed fleeing suspect?

Stop. Police.

What does a Chicago cop say after emptying his clip into a fleeing suspect?

"Stop. Police."

Why did the Chicago Bulls keep Scotty Pippen on the team?

So Michael Jordan had something to put his cigars out on.

My wife is Indian, i'm Hispanic, she's pregnant with a girl and we felt it kick for the first time today.

Guess we're having a kickin' chica masala.

Did you know Chicago is the world biggest outdoor shooting range.

Chicago is getting a new area code this year.


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