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2 Stormtrooper are eating a Wookie steak

it was chewy

You ever tried Wookie meat?

Its chewy.

Have you guys tried Wookie meat?

I heard that it's a little Chewy

Han Solo ordered a steak in the shape of a Wookie.

He sent it back to the kitchen because it was a little chewy.

jokes about chewy

To celebrate Star Wars we baked some "Wookie Cookies".

They were a little on the Chewy side.

I would not recommend eating at the new Star Wars themed restaurant...

The burgers are chewy

Why did Princess Leia spit and not swallow?

Because it was Chewy

Chewy joke, Why did Princess Leia spit and not swallow?

A stormtrooper sits down to have dinner with his family...

His son asks him "dad what is this we are eating?"
The stromtrooper replies "Baby wookie steaks. How is it?"
His sons says "It's a little chewy."

Two homeless men are dumpster diving for food outside of a synagogue...

One of the men pops his head out and says to the other, Man, these onion rings are really chewy!

What did the guy at the restaurant say to the bubble gum he found stuck under the table?

I have a bad feeling about this, Chewy.

I went to a restaurant last night...

Had the Wookie steak. It was a little chewy.

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Han Solo didn't like his steak…

… because it was Chewy.

What would a baby wookie taste like?

A little chewy.

Just started my Vegan diet.

They're a bit chewy, but better than kale.

why does Han Solo like gum so much?

Because it's chewy

Why did Han Solo become a vegetarian?

Because the last steak he ate was really Chewy.

Chewy joke, Why did Han Solo become a vegetarian?

I tried Wookie curry for the first time last night

The flavour was alright but the meat was a bit chewy.

What does baby wookie meat taste like?

A little chewy.

stormtrooper family dinner

So a stormtrooper tells his son its time for dinner.
the boy asks his dad "what are we having?"
"Wookie meatloaf." He replied.
After a few minutes of eating, the stormtrooper asks his son "How is it?"
"It's chewy."

I recently had the opportunity to eat baby wookie

The taste was great, but the meat was a little chewy

I ate a Wookie Steak... was a little Chewy.

I had a Wookie steak last night

It was a little Chewy...

Why did the sarlac not like eating wookies?

It always found them a little chewy.

What do you call the chewy candy that tastes like a mongoose and kills snakes?

Riki Tiki Taffy

Wookie jerky wouldn't be too bad

It'd just be a little Chewy

I ate a Wookie once

It was Chewy.

Chewy joke, I ate a Wookie once

What's for dinner Dad?

What's for dinner Dad?

*Wookie steak.*

Is it any good?

*A little Chewy*

I like my bacon like I like the pilot of the millennium falcon

Them: chewy?

Me: No. Solo. *attacks them for looking at my bacon*

My friend made cookies decorated to look like Wookies

The one I ate tasted good, but it was a little Chewy

Star Wars meat joke

As seen in the Death Star II cafeteria: "For those of you finding the Wookiee steaks a bit too Chewy, try our new Ewok Chops: Guaranteed to be more on the Endor side."

What's it like to go down on an ewok?

It's alright, they're just a little chewy.

So I tried a Wookie steak the other day

It was a little Chewy

Polar bear: Don't you just love these little igloo snacks...

Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

Have you ever eaten a Wookiee?

I have heard that they are Chewy.

I hit Chewbacca with my car, and killed him. I feel bad, but I didn't want the meat to go to waste, so I cooked it.

It was chewy.

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