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So if Ani is short for Anakin, and Ben is short for Obi-Wan... and Fives is short for CT-27-5555... and Artoo is short for R2D2... and Chewie is short for Chewbacca... What is Luke short for?

A stormtrooper

Why didn't Han Solo enjoy his steak dinner?

It was Chewie.

Have you ever tasted a baby wookie?

It's good, but still a little Chewie.

Chewie joke, Have you ever tasted a baby wookie?

I had small wookiee steak for dinner... was a little chewie.

Tried Wookiee meat the other day

it was Chewie.

What was wrong with Han Solo's "Hanburgers"?

They were really Chewie!

BREAKING. With Disney buying Star Wars

Donald Duck will now have four nephews. Huey, Louie, Dewey and Chewie.

Chewie joke, BREAKING. With Disney buying Star Wars

Why can't you eat a wookie?

Because they're too chewie!

Have you tasted baby Wookie meat?

They say it's a little Chewie

How does Han Solo like his is Tauntaun steaks?

Chewie and Luke-warm

What did the food critic say after trying the Wookiee?

That was a bit Chewie

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How do Wookiees taste?


I had a Wookie burger the other day.

It was Chewie.

What's the main problem with Wookie steaks?

They're a little Chewie.


Why doesn't anyone eat wookiee meat?

It's Chewie.

Nobody knows how a Wookiee taste.

Rumor has it that at least one is Chewie.

Chewie joke, Nobody knows how a Wookiee taste.

What's the worst part about eating a tiny Wookie?

It's a little chewie.

What happened to Han when Chewie wouldn't do the marathon?

He Ran Solo...

Did you hear about the time chewie broke the light speed on the falcon?

Han said, "Don't worry, it was a wookie mistake."

You should be careful eating wookie meat

It could be chewie

I like my bacon how I like my choice of copilot....


Two stormtroopers were eating wookie steak...

One said to the other, "How's the steak?". The other replied, "It's a little Chewie..."

Why was Han yelling at Chewbacca on their first day on the Millenium Falcon?

Because Chewie was making too many wookie mistakes!

Anyone ever tried wookie steaks?

Apparently they're a bit chewie

If you burn a cookie in the shape of a Star Wars character... it crunchy or Chewie?

Why was it so hard to eat the baby wookie?

Because it was a little chewie

I got the opportunity to taste some Wookiee steak today

It was a little Chewie.

Darth Vader invites all of his sith buddies over for a BBQ,

he tells them that the burgers are made from Wookiee meat, to which someone replies "no wonder these burgers are so Chewie"

As a kid, I once ate a Star Wars eraser...

It was a little Chewie.

Why doesn't Darth Vader like to eat Ewoks?

He thinks they're a little Chewie.

How does Han Solo like his steak?

A bit chewie.

Han Solo and Chewbacca joined the US military. Han flew the F-16 Fighting Falcon. What did Chewie fly?

A Harrier.

What do Wookiees taste like?


Why couldn't Luke, Han, Chewie and Obi Wan find Leia's home planet?

They were looking in Alderaan places

I finally tried some Wookiee last night....

It was a little Chewie.

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