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I was just eating cashews and one of them fell into my bra.

Is it still a cashew or is it a chestnut now?


chin nut

What do you call nuts on a wall?
A: a wallnut

What do you call nuts on a chest?
A: a chestnut

What do you call nuts on your chin?
A: a blowjob


I've always liked chestnuts.

But I'd rather cum on her arse.


What do you call it when a male squirrel ejaculates onto a female squirrel's stomach?



Where did the peanut hide his treasure?

Inside a chestnut.


What's the worst part of being given a chestnut?

Getting the cum out of your chest hair afterwards.


Stealing this one from charlie murphy.

My daughter walks into my room and says "daddy if I have a nut on my chest, does that make it a chestnut?"

I think about it for a second and say "yeah baby girl you're pretty smart".

She asks "well if i put a nut on the wall does that make it a walnut?"

And I tell her "yes it does".

So she asks, "well if I have a nut on my chin does that mean i have a chinnut?"

And i told her, "no bitch you got a dick in your mouth!"


What did the nutcracker say to the chestnut?

You're busted


My ten yo brother asked "How do you make nut milk"

"You milk a chestnut"


What do you get after a boobjob?



What's a pornstars favourite nut?



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