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A black person is walking down the road...

When all of a sudden he peels over with a massive throbbing pain in his heart. He grabs his chest and screams in pain. A man sees this and runs to his aid.

"Sir, listen to me, you are going into cardiac arrest." the helpful citizen says.

"But I didn't even do nothing!"

A man goes to the doctor to complain about chest pain.

The doctor asks him "Do you eat apples?", to which the man replies "Yes, one every day." The doctor takes a step back. "I'm sorry, you're on your own."

Wife has chest pains and is examined at ER

Doc comes out and says to husband,
"She has acute angina"

Husband says, "I know.....I know..but what is wrong with her?"

A blonde teen goes to the doctor complaining of chest pain

Doctor : I guess I need see an x Ray to determine any damage to ribs

Blonde : Promise to delete after seeing

My wife claims that she can wax off my chest hair without causing any pain, but I'm a little nervous.

I don't think she will be able to pull it off.

My wife was recently submitted to hospital with chest pains.

The consultant said, "Mr Smith, your wife has acute angina"
I said, "Yes I know that, but how's her heart ?"

angina. you know what that word sounds like?

chest pain.

It was a pain to clean up after carrying out my fetish for the first time.

But its definitely a load off my chest.

I've had chronic chest pain and headaches for a while so I went to a family doctor for an X-ray, but he wouldn't help me.

I'm a orphan.

I've always been terrible at Karate, so my Sensei told me "Wax on, Wax off."

I'm now in burning pain, but my chest is *spotless.*

What does this have to do with Karate?

Someone posted an ad claiming she can wax my chest without any pain at all.

Sounds nice, but I'm kind of nervous. Do you really think she could pull it off?

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I'm gonna open a business to wax chests with no pain at all.

...But can I really pull it off?

a man goes to his doctor because of chest pains...

Young woman goes to the doctor

complaining of chest pains ...big breaths said the doctor as he placed his stethoscope ...yeth she says and I'm only thixteen

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