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Chernobyl inaccuracies (Spoiler)

My mate has just seen the Chernobyl documentary. He actually grew up in Ukraine in the 1980's and was able to count at least 8 historical inaccuracies on one hand.


Have you ever seen Ronald Reagan's response to the Chernobyl incident?

He thought the Russians were just "overreacting."

How do Chernobyl kids count to one thousand?

With their fingers

Cherno joke, How do Chernobyl kids count to one thousand?


I know a man who just watched the series drama Chernobyl. He lives right outside of the place.
He says he counted 9 factual mistakes in the drama series on one hand

Why are Chernobyl residents smarter than the average person?

Because 2 heads are better than one.

Two men sit in a bar when a guy with a bunch of knives comes in..

.. one of the guys turned to the other and said:

"See that guy with all those knives? He's *Knife Bill*"

Some time later a man with 8 guns on his belt comes in and again the guy turned to the other and said:

"See that guy with all those guns? He's *Gun Bill*"

An hour later a guy with 5 arms and 3 legs comes in and the other guy asks:

"Who is that??"

"That's *Cherno Bill*"

A cowboy walks into a bar.

He throws a coin up in the air, shoots at it three times, and says "My name is Bill, Buffalo Bill". After the cowboy, a stranger stands up, pulls down his pants, showing three testicles and says "My name is Bill, Cherno Bill".

Cherno joke, A cowboy walks into a bar.

What did the Chernobyl victim name his balls?

Bill, Kevin, Tom, and Steve

Everyone here is on about going to Chernobyl and getting mutated. I also went there and didn't see anything strange at all

I'm telling you. I saw it with my own five eyes

How many Chernobyl survivors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. They already glow.

Why is the Chernobyl incident so funny?

I mean, it doesn't even radiate happiness.

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I can count how many times I've been to Chernobyl on the fingers of one hand.
7 times.

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