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Buying a hoarder a birthday gift has its ups and downs...

On one hand, they already have everything. On the other, they'll always cherish your present.

We Japanese cherish erections

It is an essential part of our riberty

What is the purpose of life without someone to love and cherish?

the prpose of life :)

My friend died today...

He wasn't able to speak, but in his dying moments he wanted me to have his EpiPen. I'll cherish it forever.

My dad lost his right eye

Its been hard on the old man

He was already losing his sight to begin with

Now he says he's going to cherish whats left

Computers are like women

At first you cherish them with all your love. Then, as time goes on you become more careless. Until one day you realize...

*You have a virus*

Some Acknowledgements Long Due..

I will eternally be grateful to my legs,

For supporting me.

I will always be grateful to my arms,

For being by my side.

And I will always cherish my fingers,

For I could count on them.

If you buy something while in China, you'll cherish it forever...

...But if you buy something that was made in China, it's a piece of garbage.

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