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How did the Australian pay for his new chess set?

Cheque, mate.

What bounces and makes kids cry?

The cheque I just sent to Save the Children.

"I'm not a fool..."

An illiterate man loses his cheque book, so he goes to the bank 2 days later to report it.

Bank manager: I warned you to be careful with your cheque book, because anyone can forge your signature.

Man: I am not a fool... I already signed all the cheques, so there is no space to forge my signature..

Cheque joke, "I'm not a fool..."

Why do Baby-Boomers always pay by cheque?

Because they hate change.

What did the Australian Chess player say to the waiter?

Cheque, mate!

I got a letter from the bank saying I was still in debt.

I don't know why, I sent them a cheque.

TIL there's one country that still doesn't use ANY form of electronic money transfer.

It's the Cheque Republic

Cheque joke, TIL there's one country that still doesn't use ANY form of electronic money transfer.

My mom runs a car dealership and I am getting my new car from there.

My mom asked me "So will you be writing a cheque?"

I replied "Not today! It's my cake day. I get Free Karma"

A man calls the IRS office

"Hi, my last name is Sweady, but on the cheque you sent me for my tax return, you've written it as cyirwu."

"I'm sorry about that, could you spell it out for me?"

"Sure, S as in sea, W as in why, E as in eye, A as in are, D as in double-u, and Y as in you."

I want to recommend a book that helped me through my life.

My fathers cheque book is very useful.

My friend heard about an African village trying to raise enough money to sink a well for fresh water. He sent them a cheque for $100...

...I sent them a "Get well soon" card

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A bookseller conducting a market survey asked a woman -

"Which book has helped you most in your life?"

The woman replied - "My husband's cheque book !!

I once hired a prostitute using a bill of exchange as payment

Cheque mate

A chess-player wins a cash-bet with his buddy...

"Cheque, mate."

A blonde drops her car off at a garage and then pops off to the bar. When she comes back she says "whasmatter wi ma car?"

"Piston broke"
"Okay, don't worry, I'll write you a cheque"

What does an Australian dinner out and a chess match have in common?

The both end with Cheque Mate!

Cheque joke, What does an Australian dinner out and a chess match have in common?

Khoshaggi's son was told not to be sad and worried...

...Cheque of 72 million dollars in blood money is in the post.

A client comes to a bank

A client comes to a bank:
– My cheque was returned with a remark: Insufficient funds . I'd like to know whether it refers to mine or the Bank?

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