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It turns out my high school Chemistry teacher was right....

Alcohol IS a solution.

My chemistry teacher told me I had to write a 1,000 word essay on acid.

Unfortunately, my pen turned into a gorilla and the floor melted.

In a chemistry class, the teacher asks a girl

- Mary, what is H2SO4?

- Oh god, this is so easy, why can't I remember, it's on the tip of my tongue.

Quickly, Johnny says:

- Then spit it out, that's sulfuric acid!

The school counsellor told me that alcohol was never a solution.

I said that my chemistry teacher would disagree.

Why was the physics teacher and the biology teacher always fighting?

They didn't have any chemistry.

Why did the physics teacher breakup with the biology teacher ?

There was no chemistry

Teacher and student

Chemistry teacher: Did you know protons have mass?

Student: 😳 I didn't even know they were catholics.

As a practical joke I arranged a bucket of liquid nitrogen so that it fell on our chemistry teacher when he opened the door.

He must have found it funny. He completely cracked up!

Chemistry teacher: can you give me the formula for water?

Student: h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-. Chemistry teacher: where did you get an idea like that? Student: you told us the other day it was h to o.

A chemistry teacher is having problems with her desktop...

So she asks the class:
"How do I unfreeze my computer?"

After a few seconds, one student raises their hand and responds:
"What's the melting point?"

My chemistry teacher asked me a question in class.

She told to me to rank all the bonds.

So I did.

1) Connery

2) Craig

3) Brosnan

4) Dalton

5) Lazenby

She sent me outside the class. I still wonder if there were any Moore?

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What did the Japanese chemistry teacher say when he mixed sodium and nitrogen?


I told a joke to my Chemistry teacher.

He replied "Oh man, I slapped my neon that one"

Having a chemistry teacher with a heavy Chinese accent is okay until...

Having a chemistry teacher with a heavy Chinese accent is okay until he tries to explain the difference between molarity and molality...

What do you do with a chemistry teacher when they die?

You barium

Bumped into my old Chemistry teacher yesterday fact I knocked him right over.

You should have seen his reaction.

What does the chemistry teacher like to do with his dead bodies after he kills 'em?


What do you do when a Chemistry teacher dies ?


My chemistry teacher gave me some Sodium Hypobromite...

My chemistry teacher gave me some Sodium Hypobromite, but I was like "NaBrO". He asked if that was supposed to be funny. I said, "That's my only chemistry joke, the other ones are boron, all the good ones argon".

Why did the biology teacher and rhe physics teacher break up?

Because they had no CHEMISTRY.

A student asked a teacher, "What does a pH greater than 7 mean?"

The teacher replied, "It's basic chemistry "

My chemistry teacher was talking about Hydrogen Bonding today.

Sounds like a lot of FON.

Did you hear the one about the new chemistry teacher?

He's getting mixed reactions

I asked my chemistry teacher if we can revise oxides

Because im a bit rusty

My chemistry teacher wrote me a heartfelt chemistry poem:

Fluorine, Uranium, Carbon, Potassium, Yttrium, Oxygen, Uranium.

My HS Chemistry teacher told us how to remember the periodic symbols for Silver and Gold-

If someone tried to steal your silver, you'd say A G, I lost my silver. But if someone tried to steal your gold, you'd say A U! Give me back my gold!

A student asks his chemistry teacher

Student: Do we get zinc sulfate when zinc reacts with sulfate?

Teacher: I zinc SO

My chemistry teacher told me to write 1000 words on acid

I tried, but my pen turned into a gorilla and the floor melted.

My middle school chemistry teacher once told us...

"Alcohol is not a solution, it's a distillation" \*smirks\*

My chemistry class had a party

My teacher brought some avocados, about 6.022x10^23 of them, for the guaca-mole.

Chemistry teacher: What is Nitrate?

Girl: My place, 250...your place 400!

Why does the dyslexic Spanish speaker have a poor self image?

His chemistry teacher told him he was mostly made of cabron.

Why do Physics and Biology teachers never get along?

Because they have no chemistry

(Bad) Chemistry Pun

teacher: why does bromine bond to this molecule instead of one of the other halogens?

me: because bromines before ho-mines

(met with groans and laughs from the class)

I went on a date with a chemistry teacher. She thought I didn't know anything about chemistry.

But I was only testing the HO².

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