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I failed my chemistry lab exam.

I was in the middle of performing a chemical reaction but I got sued by the Fine Bros.

A chemistry lab is a lot like a party...

Some people drop acid while others drop the base.

Why should you never let a panda into a chemistry lab?

Because it will create pandamonium

When I was interviewed for a job in the chemistry department, they asked me if I had lab experience.

I said I was more of a cat person.

TIL that my chemistry professor is a zoophile

I walked in on him while he was in his lab

I was in chemistry class with my lab partner...

...and asked him if he wanted some sodium bromide, but to my disappointment, he said

There's a bottle full of methanol in a chemistry lab...

...there's a note attached to it: "don't drink it, or else you will go blind."
The next day, the bottle is half empty and someone added to the note: "I will risk one eye."

A chemistry lab is like a rave

some drop acid and some drop base.

Why was the LSD addict fired from the chemistry lab?

He kept dropping acid.

Why are chemistry labs a good workout?

Because they make you Buffer.

Why did Dyslexic Noah dies in the chemistry lab?

He thought that the bottle labels NaOH is his water bottle.

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A German chemistry student holds up a small vial of HCn.

The professor asks him if he's done with the lab.
He says, "Yes, professor, this is my final solution."

I was walking in a chemistry lab.

I tripped on some acid.

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