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Bill Clinton steps off of a helicopter onto the White House lawn

He's carrying a pig under each arm. A marine who's there to greet him says, "Nice pigs, sir!" Clinton responds, "Thank you! I got one for Hillary and one for Chelsea." The marine replies, "Nice trade, sir!"

Nice pigs sir

A Secret Service agent is standing at the bottom of the stairs as President Clinton is leaving Air Force One, and can't help but notice that the President has a pig under each arm.

The Agent salutes and says, "Welcome back, Mr. President. Nice pigs, sir."

Clinton smiles and says, "These aren't pigs. These are genuine Arkansas Razorbacks. I got this one for Hillary, and I got this one for Chelsea."

The Agent says, "Good trade, sir."

Late Night Political Jokes

"Happy birthday to Hillary Clinton, who turned 68 today. When asked what her favorite gift was, she said, 'Donald Trump.'" Jimmy Fallon

"They're talking about putting a woman on the $20 bill. And Hillary said, 'I'm available.'" David Letterman

"Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a daughter named Charlotte this weekend. Hillary Clinton was really excited until she remembered that you have to be 18 to vote." Seth Meyers

Chelsea joke, Late Night Political Jokes

President Clinton shows up to Air Force One

President Clinton shows up to Air Force One with a pig under each arm.

The Marine sergeant, salutes him and shouts: "Nice pigs, sir"

Clinton looks at him and says: "I'll have you know these are genuine Arkansas razorbacks! I got one for Chelsea and one for Hillary. What do you think about that?"

The sergeant salutes again and shouts: "Nice trade, sir."

Back in 1998, Chelsea Clinton was in high school and went out on a date one night.

Hillary set an 11pm curfew, but Chelsea didn't return to the White House until after midnight.

Hillary had waited up, and grilled her daughter over being late.

Her last question: You didn't have sex with that boy, did you?

Chelsea: Not according to Dad.

From 2004-2015, Chelsea FC had the best goalkeeper in the world

On second thought, Petr Cech that one

What's the difference between Mia Khalifa and Chelsea?

Mia Khalifa can handle 10 men at home.

Chelsea joke, What's the difference between Mia Khalifa and Chelsea?

Why doesn't Chelsea Clinton have a brother or sister?

Monica Lewinsky swallowed them.

The government have announced new measures to stop migrants from getting into England

Henceforth, Chelsea fans will be in charge of security at Calais.

Chelsea Clinton is so patriotic

That she wore George Washington's wooden teeth for her speech last night

Barcelona FC, Chelsea FC, and Bayern Walk in a bar....

And at the end of the night, no one scores!

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What do you get when you cross a bad politician with a crooked lawyer?

Chelsea Clinton

Did Torres play for every other EPL club before Chelsea ?

.... Because he never celebrated scoring a goal.

Yesterday a Chelsea player refused to be subbed...

Guess he's a Kepa

What do you say when you see a Chelsea winger strangling someone?

Choking Hazard

With the transfer window now closed....

Chelsea signed Drinkwater whilst Everton signed drink driver.

Chelsea joke, With the transfer window now closed....

Did you hear about what the military did whey they found out Chelsea Manning was the leaker?

They tore her a new one.

Chelsea FC captain had a night to forget, his performance was


The manager for Chelsea FC swapped their defender for another one. The opponent scored 2 goals back to back straight after.

"Oops, wrong sub.", said the manager.

Jenn and Jessica invite Chelsea out for lunch...

What do you get when 42 goes into 45?


Hey Chelsea fans, don't worry...

...your blue and white scarves will fit right in when you defect to Leicester.

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