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In a parallel universe where chefs are called food composers...

The best pasta sonata was composed by platehoven.

There was once a pastry competition...

Many bakers submitted their desserts to the contest, but the judges were torn between two Italian chefs' pastries.

They said to the chefs, "We would love for both of you to win... *But there cannoli be one."*

Best Halloween Party Ever

An advertisement for a Halloween party featuring
Zombie Japanese Chefs and street entertainers from the spirit world…
you would be treated to an evening of:
the Woking Dead and Ghost Buskers.

Chefs joke, Best Halloween Party Ever

Two chefs are busy cooking...

its a busy night and they have a lot of orders to fill. One chef is rushing around, making a mess, and spilling things in his haste. The other chef stops him and says," take it easy, you've got lots of thyme on your hands"

There were two chefs who got married, she was Chinese and he was German.

They opened a restaurant together.

The food is good, but a half hour after you eat dinner, you're hungry for power.

Why do pastry chefs have the messiest divorces?

Because they always end up in custardy battles.

how many chefs does it take to change a,light bulb ?

one to do it, and five others to tell him how they did it differently in their last kitchen.

Chefs joke, how many chefs does it take to change a,light bulb ?

There were two chefs. She was Chinese, he was German.

They fell in love, got married, and opened a restaurant together. The food is terrific, and very interesting; however...

A half hour after you eat there, you are hungry for power.

Two Chefs get in an argument,

And they split the kitchen right down the middle.

One Chef has the oven and fridge on his side, and the other has the freezer, a spice rack, and a microwave on his.

So the first Chef looks at the other and says

"What are you gonna do? You can't cook anything in a microwave, you're finished."

The second Chef looks over and tells him

"I have thyme on my side."

Why am I scared of french pastry chefs?

They give me the crepes.

I work at a restaurant and one of the chefs there is both dyslexic and epileptic.

Ended up sending out a chicken seizure salad.

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A spice belt for chefs

Might be a waist of thyme

What is a chefs weapon of choice?

A salt rifle

Some KKK chefs had a rally today.

They marched for White Powder.

Why are men the best chefs?

Because with only 2 nuts, one sausage, and a little bit of milk, they can fill a woman's stomach for 9 months.

Why dont Egyptian Chefs do well in the circus?

They always fal-afel off the tight rope.

Chefs joke, Why dont Egyptian Chefs do well in the circus?

Chefs are violent people...

They beat eggs and whip cream.

Why are chefs the meanest?

Because they beat the eggs and whip the cream

I hate German chefs

They're suck kochs.

I'm creating a new dating app for chefs!

It's called Tender! Swipe right to keep cooking or swipe left to leave raw

Why do pot shop pastry chefs make so much money?

Because it's such a high whisk job.

Artists cover their mistakes with paint, chefs cover their mistakes with sauce. How do doctors cover their mistakes?

With dirt.

What do German chefs say before a cook-off?

Do your wurst!

Spring, winter, summer, or autumn? the best seasons for chefs are..

Salt and Pepper

Old chefs joke answer: Why did you become a chef?

The bad hours and I like to cut myself.

Why was the chefs cheesy omelette so good?

He was an eggcellent chef.

Why can't short people become chefs?

Because it's a high steaks job

Why are most chefs male?

No one can toss a salad better than a man.

I bought a chicken cookbook.

I didn't know the smart bastards were chefs.

How many chefs does it take to stuff a turkey?

One, but you really have to cram him in there.

What do chefs research?

Cutting-edge technology

What do chefs call plants that make them laugh?

Amuse Bush.

Why can't sous chefs get girls?

They're all beta cooks.

Italian Chefs can now get an exclusive software update for their Tesla

It's been named Carpatchio

A common chefs error

Is to think they must always add salt to a sauce before boiling it down. This is the fallacy of reductive seasoning.

Why are chefs in such a rush?

Theyre running out of thyme.

Do you know what they say about sous chefs?

They can dish it, but they can't take it.

I used to be on of those chefs who shouts and swears a lot

But then I discovered oven mitts

The girl and the pastry chefs

There once was a girl who kept being followed by pastry chefs wearing cook hats. After countless days of being followed, she asked her friend if she could tell her why the chefs were following her. The friend replied "you really need to do something about that yeast infection."

What do you call 2 chefs working together in the same kitchen?

Taste Buds

Jesus and Michelin Star chefs have one thing in common

They can both feed 5,000 people with 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish

European heaven/ European hell

European heaven is a place where the chefs are spanish, the police is british, the mechanics are germans, the lovers are italians and everything is organized by the swiss.

European hell is a place where the chefs are british, the police is german, the mechanics are spanish, the lovers are swiss and everything is organized by the italians.

Chefs make the most temporal type of art.

Within hours, it's total shit.

I feel bad for chefs

All their hard work turns to shit.

Heaven and Hell according to Europe

Heaven is a place where,
all the cops are British,
all the chefs are French,
all the engineers are German,
all the parties are organized by the Italians,
and it's all run by the Swiss

Hell is a place where,
all the cops are German,
all the chefs are British (sorry Gordon),
all the engineers are French,
all the parties are organized by the Swiss,
and it's all run by the Italians

Why do Beginner Chefs cook only Asian food?

They need to Wok before they can run.

What's the Preferred Luxury Automobile of Sushi Chefs around the world?

Rolls Rice

Did you hear about the baker who created a martial art for chefs?

It's pretty sweet.

He calls it "Cook-Kido".

What kind of cars do sushi chefs drive?

Rolls rice!

Why do professional bakers and chefs always use butter?

Because there's no margarine for error.

Why are psychic bad chefs?

They cook everything medium rare.

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