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So I was making this image...

There's this cat, and he's trying to find out how much cheese there is in a gyro. He knows its radius and length, but he asks "I can haz cheez density?"

Yeah, I know, it's not very funny.

I should probably stop using math and feta memes.


What do a cheezit and a hungry white stoner have in common?

Both are baked snack crackers.


What do you call an empty can of cheez whiz?

Cheez waz.


Cheezus take the wheel!

*bud um sch*


Harlot Du Frommage

Harley's pussy was so cheesy she came Cheez Whipits


What did the candy say as they saw a group of intimidating crackers approach?

Cheez It!


What do you call an empty jar of cheez whiz?

Sheez was!


What is a Cheez Doodle's favorite exercise?

*Curl* ups!


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