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I call the sunshine cracker company every year at this time and request they sell Cheez-its shrunk to 1/4th their original size.

I request they market them as "Sweet little baby Cheez-its."

So I was making this image...

There's this cat, and he's trying to find out how much cheese there is in a gyro. He knows its radius and length, but he asks "I can haz cheez density?"

Yeah, I know, it's not very funny.

I should probably stop using math and feta memes.

Prayer before meals

Kid: Give us this day our daily bread.... With ham, egg, cheeze, french fries, salad on the side...

God: hey, kid. Are you praying or taking an order?

Q: What do you call an empty jar of Cheez Whiz?

A: Cheez Whuz.

When I was a kid, my dad would give me $5 and tell me to get groceries. I would come back with 2 jugs of milk, 2 dozen eggs, 1lb cheeze, 1lb Hamburger, 2 loafs of bread, and a half pound of butter.

But now a-days security has gotten better you just can't steal that much anymore.

What do you call an empty can of cheez whiz?

Cheez waz.

A man from Wisconsin is travelling in Mexico...

when he comes across a dairy farm.

"Buenos noches, do you have any cheeze for sale?"

"Buenos, nochez"

What is a Cheez Doodle's favorite exercise?

*Curl* ups!

What do you call an empty jar of cheez whiz?

Sheez was!

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