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I like my pick-up lines how I like my cheetos

Dangerously Cheesy

There's a new machine at my gym.

I used it, but after an hour I started feeling sick...

It's got Snickers, cheetos, Peanuts... Everything!

"What's that in the bag?" "An AK-47." "No next to that." "A bag of cheetos."

"You can't bring that into the movie."

Riddle me this: What's Hot N Red, Best in Bed?

A bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos cause I'm alone

I was sitting in a recliner n**... eating Cheetos minding my own business

And the Walmart manager calls the police

I'm on a new diet where I can only eat and drink things where I know what the ingredients mean.

I can now tell you every ingredients use in Cheetos, how it's obtained, and the molecular structure.

Did you hear about that guy going around stealing everybody's Flamin' Hot Cheetos?

He was caught red-handed!

...I'll see myself to the door.

Cheetos joke, Did you hear about that guy going around stealing everybody's Flamin' Hot Cheetos?

What is an adulterers favorite snack?


What do Hot Cheetos and a Gun have in common?

Bring it to school and everyone starts acting like your best friend .

Did you hear about the guy who robbed the Cheetos factory?

He was caught orange fingered.

A man walks into a Movie Theater with a bag

-"What's that in the bag"
--"An AK-47"
-"No, the thing next to it"
--"A bag of Cheetos"
-"Sorry, you can't take that to the Theatre"

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Asked my co-worker if saw the big news report...

He said which one, The Mac 'n Cheetos announcement or the UK doing something?

True story, from 3 min ago... 'Murica

The secretary at my dentist office told me "The waiting room is just to the left, make yourself at home."

I've been back there every night since then to watch Cops and eat Cheetos in my underwear.

I don't like Flamin' Hot Cheetos

They burn me every time I try to eat them

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