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Male bees die after mating. That's basically their entire lives.

Honey. Nut. Cheerio.

Male bees die after mating.

-And that's why they call it a honey nut cheerio

A male bee dies after sex

I guess you could call that a honey nut cheerio

Cheerio joke, A male bee dies after sex

Male bees die after mating…

So basically their life is:

Honey. Nut. Cheerio.

What do you call an online game about cereal?

I heard male bees die after mating.

I call that a honey nut cheerio.

(Stole it off of twitter)

What does cereal say when it leaves the room?


Cheerio joke, What does cereal say when it leaves the room?

Did you know after a male bee has the sexy times it will die? I suppose its life can be summed up in three words.....

Honey. Nut. Cheerio!!

What did the milk say to the cereal as it was leaving the bowl?


What do you call a British Bee Smashing and Dashing?

A Honey Nut, Cheerio.

What is the British equivalent of wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am?


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What do you call a content vowel?

A Cheerio.

What did the Cheerios bees girlfriend say when he was taking too long during a handjob?

Honey nut

If brains were gasoline... wouldn't have enough to ride a motorcycle half way around a cheerio.

Cheerios has been giving out seeds to help save the bees but in doing so the seeds have been found to harm certain ecosystems instead.

So wouldn't that make Cheerios a cereal killer?

Warning RACISM alert 🚨

How do you thank a black friend?

Cheerio nigerio.

Cheerio joke, Warning RACISM alert 🚨

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