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What did the bird say to the price tag?


(As told to me this morning by my 7 year old son. He was quite proud of the joke.)

FOR SALE: One dead budgie

Not going cheep.

What's the best time to buy a bird?

When it goes cheep!

Cheep joke, What's the best time to buy a bird?

Selling a dead bird

Not going cheep

When it comes to baby chickens... is *cheep*

Three canaries walk in to a bar.

The barman says "Is this some kind of cheep joke ?"

For sale: Dead Canary

Not going cheep.

Cheep joke, For sale: Dead Canary

What did the snobby bird say to the poor bird?

*Cheep, cheep.*

I just got back from my first session at the Bird Psychologist

He comes highly recommended, but the tweetment won't be cheep.

Never haggle with a baby chic

All their offers are cheep

What's yellow and goes "cheep cheep"?

A Chinese prostitute

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I'm a butcher and I sell dead chickens at work

They aren't going cheep

For sale: 2 dead birds

(Not going cheep)

What's the best part about living in Flint, Michigan?

Leaded gasoline is pretty cheep!

I've got a dead Budgie for sale.

It's not going cheep.

When should you buy a bird?

When it's going Cheep.

Cheep joke, When should you buy a bird?

How much does a birdhouse cost?

I don't know the exact price but I know they're pretty cheep

What did one Jewish bird say to the other?


What does sound does a Jewish bird say?

Cheep Cheep!

What do you call a date with a chick that's younger than you?

A cheep date.

Never buy a dead budgie, they don't go cheep....

What did the avian electronics salesman say to the customer?

TVs are going cheep

Joke I made up for my wife

Why don't birds go to restaurants?
Because they are "cheep cheep!'

Anyone wanna buy any budgies?

I've got two round the house going cheep!

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