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My tinder date invited me back to her house tonight, and while she was in the bathroom, I had a cheeky look in her wardrobe. Inside, there was a nurse outfit, a police woman's uniform and a full dominatrix bodysuit, so I quickly pulled on my pants and snuck out of there.

I don't want a girlfriend who can't hold down a job.

My favourite joke

So a guy goes into a pub, walks up to the bar and asks for a pint.

The barman replies: one pound please. The guy says back: only one pound?!
The barman replies: aye only a pound.

The guy takes his pint and enjoys it and after a few more pints at a pound each the guy feels cheeky.

The guy says: ill have a steak and chips mate.
The barman replies: three quid.
The guy then asked: do you own this pub?
The barman replies: no.
The guy then asked: wheres the boss then? I want to ask why the prices are so low.
The barman replies: he's upstairs with my wife.
The guy then asked: why? Whats he doing with your wife?
The barman replies: the same thing i'm doing to his business.

What do you call an edible gourd with a cheeky disposition?

A Sass-Squash

Cheeky joke, What do you call an edible gourd with a cheeky disposition?

Just been asked by a group of kids outside the Spar shop if I would get them 20 Richmonds.

Stupidly I agreed and got them a packet.

When I handed them over, I couldn't believe the abuse I got off the cheeky little bastards after doing it!! Told them next time they can get their own sausages!!

My gran fell asleep last night while she was eating piri piri chicken

She had a cheeky nan dose

I was walking around an art gallery with my wife.

"Does anything in this room get you excited?" she said, with a cheeky wink.

I said, "Yes, some of the paintings."

I hate jokes about butts

They're so cheeky

Cheeky joke, I hate jokes about butts

Which Star Wars character would always sneak off set for a cheeky masturbating session?

Obi Wan Kernobi.

Wolfram-Alpha was recently shut down because of a flood of calculations that didn't make any sense at all being submitted at once.

It was quite a cheeky NaNDDoS.

Whats cheeky?

When you say "Hello you two" to a pregnant woman.

Whats perverse?
When u shake hands with both.

I saw a Hobo Spider on the pavement.

Cheeky little bastard...he didn't even accept my £10 note. Walked right over it, I can't stand that level of arrogance.

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One day I was fishing off the pier at the lake.

A fellow walked up and asked me what I was fishing for. Feeling cheeky, I replied "Complements!" He looked at me, then he said "Good luck with that."

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