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Funniest Checkmate Short Jokes

Short checkmate jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The checkmate humour may include short chess jokes also.

  1. An American and an Australian are playing chess The Australian says: "Checkmate"
    The American responds: "No it isn't"
  2. Checkmate Democrats If teachers don't have arms, how are they supposed to write on the board?
  3. What's a checkmate? Husband : You know today, I saw someone just like you?
    Wife : Was she hot?
    You can't say yes
    You can't say no

    That's checkmate!
  4. An Aussie wins a game of chess and calls for the bill, then his friend collapses in his chair. He says: Checkmate. Check, mate then Checks his mate
  5. Two Australians were playing chess in a restaurant... One said "checkmate", and the other one said "check, mate."
  6. Two Aussis were playing chess. They were concentrating really hard but rarely talked. On Move 46, the Aussie played Ke2+ and said "Checkmate."
    "What do you mean checkmate? I can move away mate."
  7. I knew I was playing chess with an Australian... ... he said "checkmate" and then left suddenly.
  8. How does the chess champion of the world pay his bill? He gets his checkMATE
    ... :D
  9. What is Checkmate? You tell your Wife,
    "I saw a lady,
    looked exactly like you"
    Wife asks,
    You cant say 'NO'
    You cant say 'YES'
    That is Checkmate!
  10. I played chess against Richard Dawkins and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. They're great at science, but no so much at chess. So after beating them in only a few moves I simply said
    "Checkmate atheists."

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Checkmate One Liners

Which checkmate one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with checkmate? I can suggest the ones about knight chess and matey.

  1. Britain just checkmated the world... With Queen to G7.
  2. Britain checkmated the world this week with.. Queen to G7
  3. How does the Aussie Chessmaster pay his bills? Checkmate
  4. How do you ask an Aussie waiter for the bill? 'Checkmate!'
  5. What does an Aussie say when it's time to pay the bill? Checkmate!
  6. How do chess players reproduce? By check-mating.
  7. "Checkmate" "No, she's austrian, but her father was Czech"
  8. Chess was invented in Australia Why else would they say Checkmate?
  9. What do you say after finishing a game of chess at an Australian restaurant? Checkmate
  10. What does the Australian say when he wants to pay the bill? Checkmate
  11. Why can't you checkmate a Christian? Cause they're all pawns and their king doesn't exist
  12. How does a chess player avoid catching an STD? Checkmate
  13. What did God say to Richard Dawkins as he beat him in a game of chess? Checkmate.
  14. What did the cholo say when he checkmated his opponent? Chess!
  15. Do you know what do you say, when you outsmart a person from Czech Republic ? Checkmate

Checkmate joke, Do you know what do you say, when you outsmart a person from Czech Republic ?

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Checkmate atheists

If god doesn't exist, explain how my girlfriend is pregnant when we've never had s**.... Checkmate atheists.

An Australian goes to a chess tournament

When he was about to lose his first game, his opponent looked up, smiled and said: *checkmate*.
The Australian replied back in confusion: *But mate.. I didn't order anything!*

They say when you point the finger, three fingers are pointing back at you.

That's why I always accuse people with my full e**.... Checkmate.

Why do Australians s**... at chess?

Because they keep saying "checkmate" when the game's not over.

Checkmate joke, Why can't you checkmate a Christian?