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  1. I was having dinner .. .. .. with Garry Kasporov
    and on the table was a checkered tablecloth.

    It took him 2 hours to pass me the salt.
  2. When I go grocery shopping, I choose the checkstand with the sexiest checker Self-checkout every time
  3. I used to play checkers with my dad but he would always beat me. Probably because I would always win at checkers.
  4. My dad and I used to play checkers when I was a kid. Usually, he'd beat me But I'd win at checkers so we're even.
  5. "Why don't you play checkers with Bill anymore?" "Would you play with a person who cheats and moves his men around when you are not looking?"
    "Well, neither would Bill."
  6. If your job ever feels pointless... just remember somebody is the fact checker for Buzz Feed.
  7. The Chess Grand Master was embarrassed when they found out he used to play a much simpler game… …that's right, he had a checkered past.
  8. I used to be a quality checker at the m&m factory You would not believe the amount of w's I had to throw out every day
  9. Chess players say checkers players are dumb. But I like checkers... Plus the red ones taste good.
  10. I've recently started to learn about the history of chess boards Seems they have quite the checkered past.

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Checker One Liners

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  1. You know who doesn't have a checkered past? Chess players
  2. Did you see the movie about Chubby Checker? it has a great twist
  3. When the checker asks, "Paper or plastic?" I say, "I can go with either. I'm bisacksual!"
  4. Why didn't the tree like to play checkers? Because it was a chesnut tree.
  5. Why did the ska kid not get the job?... they were worried about his checkered past
  6. What game did Americans love to play in 1882? Chinese Checkers
  7. My wife hired a fact checker for when we argue.
  8. Chuck Norris won a game of chess with checker pieces.
  9. What do you call two black guys playing a game of Chinese Checkers?
  10. ....magical blonde wizard wlaks ito a bra **blonde:** ...where's my spell checker?

Checker joke, ....magical blonde wizard wlaks ito a bra

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The checker at the grocery store asked me if I wanted my milk in a bag.

I told her to leave it in the carton.

I've probably told checkers that 100 times, and not once did they get the joke.

Tipsy Passenger

John had a few drinks and was traveling on a train. The ticket checker stopped and asked John to show his ticket. John was searching his pockets and wallet.
The ticket checker said "it's alright, you seem to be a respectable gentleman. No need to show your ticket."
John insisted "I need the ticket for real, to find out where I am going"

Self checkout.

Dear Walmart, I'm sorry I "forgot" to scan so many items the last time I went shopping. In my defense... You literally gave me zero training before promoting me to checker!

I really hate how I can't add swearwords to my phone's spell checker.

It's a ducking piece of shot.

Perfectly spell-checked poem

- I have a spelling checker.
- It came with my PC,
- It plainly marks four my r**...,
- Mistakes I cannot sea.
- I've run this poem threw it,
- I'm sure your pleased to no,
- Its letter purfect in it's weigh,
- My checker tolled me sew.
- Cents I began to youse it,
- I'm reel, reel pleased eye I got won.
- My righting's sew much bettor now,
- Ware wood eye bee without won.

Why did the airport luggage checker refuse to date the depressed man?

he had to much baggage

Checker joke, ....magical blonde wizard wlaks ito a bra