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The checker at the grocery store asked me if I wanted my milk in a bag.

I told her to leave it in the carton.

I've probably told checkers that 100 times, and not once did they get the joke.

When I go grocery shopping, I choose the checkstand with the sexiest checker

Self-checkout every time

If your job ever feels pointless...

just remember somebody is the fact checker for Buzz Feed.

Checker joke, If your job ever feels pointless...

I used to be a quality checker at the m&m factory

You would not believe the amount of w's I had to throw out every day

Tipsy Passenger

John had a few drinks and was traveling on a train. The ticket checker stopped and asked John to show his ticket. John was searching his pockets and wallet.
The ticket checker said "it's alright, you seem to be a respectable gentleman. No need to show your ticket."
John insisted "I need the ticket for real, to find out where I am going"

Self checkout.

Dear Walmart, I'm sorry I "forgot" to scan so many items the last time I went shopping. In my defense... You literally gave me zero training before promoting me to checker!

I really hate how I can't add swearwords to my phone's spell checker.

It's a ducking piece of shot.

Checker joke, I really hate how I can't add swearwords to my phone's spell checker.

Did you see the movie about Chubby Checker?

it has a great twist

Perfectly spell-checked poem

- I have a spelling checker.
- It came with my PC,
- It plainly marks four my revue,

- Mistakes I cannot sea.

- I've run this poem threw it,

- I'm sure your pleased to no,

- Its letter purfect in it's weigh,

- My checker tolled me sew.

- Cents I began to youse it,

- I'm reel, reel pleased eye I got won.

- My righting's sew much bettor now,

- Ware wood eye bee without won.

Why did the airport luggage checker refuse to date the depressed man?

he had to much baggage

....magical blonde wizard wlaks ito a bra

**blonde:** ...where's my spell checker?

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When the checker asks, "Paper or plastic?"

I say, "I can go with either. I'm bisacksual!"

I got a new job today as a spell checker for Mariam-Webster dictionary, specifically to make sure that I comes before e except after c.

It's a weird job I know

M. Night Shyamalan

Mark: While grocery shopping last night, I noticed the overweight cashier looked really familiar. It wasn't until I left that I realized it was Chubby Checker. Irony, right?

Paul: What do you mean?

Mark: Chubby Checker was a chubby checker.

Paul: I still don't get it.

Mark: That's The Twist!

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