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Lying in bed, my girlfriend turned to me and said

"You're a lot like a math exam."

I replied "Why? Because I'm long and hard?"

She said, "No, I'm cheating on you with an Asian."

I got caught cheating on my physics exam. Furious, my professor said to me "I hope you understand the gravity of the situation".

But if I had known that, I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

I messaged my ex on the day before my exam.

I asked if she had any good cheating tips

What's the best way to sneak cheat notes into an exam without getting caught?

Memorise them.

I cheated on my metaphysics exam.

I gazed into the soul of the guy next to me.

I have an exam next week

To prep for it, im going to text my ex for any cheating tips

Advice for final exams

A college student walks into a bar and orders a beer. "Wish me luck, I have end of term exams tomorrow," she tells the bartender. "Good luck," the bartender says. "Are you all prepared?" "I've done everything I can think of to prepare. I even texted my ex last night," she says. "I asked him if he had any good cheating tips."

How to fail an ethics exam?

You cheat on it.

I was thrown out of college for cheating on a metaphysics exam;

I looked into the soul of the guy sitting next to me.

I just passed my ethics exam...

Of course I cheated

Why didn't anyone cheat off of Bob Dylan's school exams?

Seems he gave the same answer to every question.

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An engineering student designed a robot

An engineering student designed a robot who would take his exams for him. The other designed a robot who could cheat off the first robot.

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