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My friend went on holiday to Havana...

...and asked me what gift I would like him to get for me. I said get me "something Cuban", but he got me a Che Guevara t shirt.

Clothes, but no cigar.


I asked my parents for something Cuban. They got me a Che Guevara t-shirt.

Clothes, but no cigar



I asked my grandmother for "something Cuban" for my birthday, and she had got me a Che Guevara shirt.

Clothes, but no cigar.


The Big C

Saw my mate outside the Doctor's today looking really worried.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"I've got the big C,"he said.

"What, cancer?"

"No, dyslexia."


Valentine's Day Gift!

A Frenchman, an Englishman and an Arab were being interviewed by a reporter with regard to what they bought their wives for Valentine's Day.

Frenchman - I bot ma wife un ring and a pair of gleuve, so if che don like ze ring che can coveur eet with ze gleuve.

Englishman - I bought my wife a beautiful diamond brooch and a scarf, so that if she should happen to dislike the brooch she may cover it with the scarf.

Arab - Wallah ya habibi! I boaght my wife za Ferrari and za vibratore.
The reporter is stunned and asks why a Vibrator??

The Arab replies, Wallah ya habibi! If she not like za Farrari she can go fuck herself !!


I named my penis "Che Guevara"...

... because he strikes fast and retracts even faster. ^^^Also ^^^he ^^^has ^^^a ^^^funny ^^^beard.


What does Che Guevara call his house?

Chez Guevara


Why was Che Guevara always drunk?

Because he loved Cuba Libre. Boom boom


What it means to have an Argentinian Pope.

Now you know who to think of every time you say Holy Che.


Did you hear Cuba is having a communist revolution?

Ya don't Che!


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