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Mid life career change

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "So what do you do?" the bartender chats him up. "Well I used to work in food service, but I just got a new job in IT," the guy says. "How was it changing careers?" the bartender asks. "Well, you know, a job is a job. I guess the biggest difference is that the phase 'My server went down on me,' is no longer a good thing," the guy replies.

An accordion player walks into a bar,

orders a drink and chats up the bartender and the regulars for an hour.

Suddenly, he realizes that not only has he left his instrument in his back seat of his car in full view of passers-by, but he hasn't even locked his doors.

He quickly excuses himself from his conversation and rushes outside and up the block to his vehicle to take care of business, but it was too late.

Sure enough, someone had thrown another accordion in his back seat.

Vladimir Nabokov walks into a bar...

The bartender looks to him and says, "What'll it be?" He orders a glass of Redbreast and chats with the bartender awhile. The night grows old and the bar starts to clear out. Eventually he says to the barkeep, "You know, I like my whiskey like I like my women." The barkeep sets aside a freshly polished glass and says, "Yeah, I like my whiskey twelve years old, too."

Chats joke, Vladimir Nabokov walks into a bar...


My boss always laughed at my jokes at work but since the pandemic she never laughs at them in Zoom chats. I asked her why doesn't she laugh at them anymore.

She replied, "Because your jokes aren't remotely funny."

A man is leaving the sperm bank at which he just donated and chats with the receptionist...

Man: Have a good day! And thanks again for that glass of milk earlier!

Receptionist: Wait wait wait... what milk?

M: The glass of milk that was sitting on your counter

R: Oh no... you drank the last of my milk

Her tinder bio said she's very creative and imaginative.

So I didn't text. She can imagine our chats. And probably a better one.

I wonder how far our relationship has gone.

Android group chats be like

Laughed at Android group chats be like

Chats joke, Android group chats be like

A blonde woman's first day at live software support..

She was giving help to customers through live chats.

She eventually got sick and busted right into the boss's office.

Woman: This is infuriating! Every time I try to help someone resolve their problems, they just hang up on me!

Boss: Whoa, whoa.... Relax. Okay, tell me what exactly happened? Did you say something to them?

Woman: Well, all I did was ask them to try restarting their computer!

A man sees a really attractive woman on a train reading the newspaper he chats her up on today's headline.

He: "So, yesterday was the Nymphomaniacs' Congress. I don't suppose you've attended, did you?"
She: "Well, as a matter of fact, I did."
He: "And? What's new in the world of nymphomaniacs?"
She: "Nothing much, Indians have the longest, the Irish can go the longest, same old, same old."
He: "Oh, where are my manners? The name's a O'Connor. Geronimo O'Connor."

Kik Group Chats

Hey guys, my group chat on kik is #theoutcastsgroup feel free to join it or feel free to comment your group chat.

I failed my last physics test because I forgot that Force = Massβ€’Acceleration...

Can I get some MAs in the chats?

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Did you hear that in France they've made a social media app for cats?

They call it: Le Chats

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