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I encountered a milf at a bar last night

although she is 57 years old, she is still very charming and sexy

we were drinking, chatting, laughing, and having a good time

then, she asked me flirtatiously

"have you ever tried a mother-daughter threesome before?"

I said, "Nope, not yet".

She drank a little more, and said, "well, darling, tonight is your lucky night."

So she took me to her place.

She took out her keys

opens her door

turn on the light

and she yells towards upstairs

"Mom, are you still awake?

A man walks in to a bar

And sees an ugly old humpback of a guy, who is constantly surrounded by women.

How to spot a millionaire, am I right? he winks and smiles at the bartender

No, Larry is a plumber, not a millionaire

Okay - so he must be extremely charming?

Larry is actually a man of very few words

Then what on earth makes him so incredibly popular with women??

I actually have no idea - every day he comes here, he just sits there quietly, drinking his beer, licking his eyebrows..

Pets are like countries.

Dogs are like Canada. They're incredibly friendly, but to some, to a naive degree.

Cats are like England. They're rude and act like they're better than everybody, but we find them so charming for some reason.

Parrots are like America. They blindly repeat anybody they believe is of higher intelligence, especially if the owner is Russian.

Goldfish are like Carpatho-Ukraine. They'd be lucky to last a year.

Charming joke, Pets are like countries.

45 year old charming guy

Having recently turned 45, I thought I had lost all the appeal and charm I used to have with the ladies, until today that is. At my local gas station, the pretty young girl who has served me every other day or so for several weeks asked for my number. I was taken aback. I explained how I was flattered but was perhaps a bit too old for her and that if I were 20 or so years younger I would happily take her up on her offer, I explained how love and sexual attraction, when intertwined, can be exciting and that I hadn't felt this way in years and asked that she save her love for someone who will truly care for her and respect her not only as a woman, but as a person.

. . . . "No," she said. "Your pump number, sir."

Two women meet over a coffee.

"Ah, Marie, I haven't seen you in years, what's going on in your life?"

"I have met a charming and well-off young man half my age."


"Indeed. He took me to Paris, we dined in the finest restaurant, bought paintings from the vernissage!"


"Once we marry, he insists that I retire to our moderately sized European house, free to pursue my leisure activities."

"Definitely majestic!"

"But enough about me. Tell me about yourself, Annette. What are you up to lately?"

"I signed for an etiquette class. We've already learned to say 'majestic' instead of 'fucking horseshit'"

Would a charming vampire be a neck-romancer?

Why are charming pirates always the richest?

Because they get all the booty

Charming joke, Why are charming pirates always the richest?

What's sticky and charming?

Seduct tape

I was born handsome, charming witty and wise

I'm also a compulsive liar, but I think it evens out.

Ted Bundy was attractive, charming, intelligent...

He always killed it on a first date.

Forget Prince Charming

Go for the Wolf.

He can see you better, hear you better, and eat you better.

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A charming man walks into a bar and shouts: "THE QUEEN IS DEAD, BOYS!"

The barman says: "Too soon, Morrissey"

My boss gave me a pep talk before my presentation and told me not to worry about being charming, witty, or intelligent.

He told me to just be myself.

Bill Cosby runs into prince charming at the bar

Cosby says: Son, you can live happily ever after, but only if you don't kiss her.

Prince Charming: I will awaken her with love's sweet ki--

Sleeping Beauty: five more minutes


My grandmother said to me that men were more polite and charming when she was young.
i explained that it was because no one wants to have sex with her anymore


What did they call the suave printer salesman?

Prints Charming

What did one quark say to the other?

"You're so *charm*ing."

"Get away from me, *strange*r."

You can learn a lot about yourself from online dating...

For instance, I used to think I was good looking, charming, and smart.

Why do so many people like Harry Potter?

It's a charming story.

Somewhere in an alternative universe

a girl is kissing a frog hoping it turns back into her charming prince

but instead it only turns into the artist formerly known as prince

The Quark joke

Mad they are, the up is not the top. The down is no the bottom, they can be charming but also strange because they only stick to the same sex.

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