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So I'm 30 and Charlotte is 21. Went out last night and we kept getting funny looks like I was some sort of peadophile. Does anyone else think that age is just a number?

It's completely ruined our 10 year anniversary

How do you stop the protests in Charlotte?

Sing the nation anthem they will sit down

Father Christmas and the Question...

Father Christmas asks little Charlotte what she wants for a present. "I want a Barbie doll and a G.I Joe please." she says. "I thought Barbie came with Ken?" replies Santa. "No" says Charlotte. "Barbie comes with Joe, She fakes it with Ken."

Charlotte joke, Father Christmas and the Question...

I'm going to a birthday party in Charlotte tomorrow...

Hopefully the looting isn't over because I forgot to buy a present.

Charlotte Bronte wrote a horror novel

Jane Scare

Emily wrote one about aircraft turbulence

Wuthering Flights

(I do apologise for this)

As things heat up in Charlotte, Virginia...

Remember that pepper spray is super effective against white nationalist because they aren't use to seasoning.

A horse walks into a bar ..

.. as Miranda and Samantha were already waiting, Charlotte was running late.

Charlotte joke, A horse walks into a bar ..

The Top Three things for Halloween you can do now in North Carolina:

#3 Swim with the sharks,
#2 Have an account on Ashley Madison,
#1 riding a street car in Charlotte NC.

What did Benji and Joel Madden say when they met the new royal baby?

Good Charlotte.

Here in Charlotte, NC, the forecast showed 6-8 inches of snow last night...

The Queen City ended up getting only 2 inches at most. But that's okay - it's hardly the first time a lady was promised 7 inches that night and ended up disappointed.

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