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My dad says he donates to the African water charities

Because he's got a well paying job.

They say Jeff Bridges donated a good sum of money to charities after The Big Lebowski…

The Dude Provides!

Don't feel bad about not donating to blind peoples charities...

They were never going to see it anyway.

Why are muslim charities the worst to donate to?

Because they are for prophet.

We should all be donating more to mental health charities

It really is *fundamental*.

Please, donate to charities to provide bug nets to poor Africans.

With your help, we can save millions of mosquitoes from needlessly dying of AIDS.

There's a company that recycles old or abandoned camping gear left behind at festivals and gives them to charities and the homeless....

They're called "Past Tents, Present Tents and Future Tents".

Charities joke, There's a company that recycles old or abandoned camping gear left behind at festivals and gives the

What do you call a person who talks about donating money to charities but is always too lazy to actually do it?

A chillanthropist

Santa gave me coal this year...

So I donated it to Russian charities


Charities - Because nothing shows how far your Β£2/month could go than a Β£100 million advertising campaign.

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