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If I owned a race horse, I would name it My Face

Just to hear the crowed chant "COME ON! COME ON MY FACE!"

"...and here comes My Face coming up from the rear!"

-Credit goes to my mother

Glad to see my Buddhist friends join and chant in the protests

Everyone knows the more Ohms- the greater the resistance.

A guy walks past a mental hospital

A guy is walking past a mental hospital with a high privacy fence, and can hear some kind of chant going on. As he gets closer, he hears them chanting, "sixteen! Sixteen! Sixteen!"Curious as to what is going on, he notices a small hole in the fence. He walks over and presses his face to it to try and see in, only to get poked in the eyes. The chant continues, "Seventeen! Seventeen! Seventeen!"

Chant joke, A guy walks past a mental hospital

What does the Freudian monk chant while meditating?


(Sorry if repost, I just thought of this, but I can't be the first)

A man is walking on a sidewalk past...

An insane asylum. He hears voices on the inside chanting "thirteen,thirteen, thirteen".
He is curious why they are chanting that. He looks around and finds a hole that allows himself to look inside the fence. As he puts his eye on the hole a stick jabs him in the eye. And the chant changes to "fourteen, fourteen, fourteen".

My dad tells this joke all the time.

I'm sat at my desk repeating "I'm gonna stick my pen in your eye, I'm gonna stick my pen in your eye." I'm saying it quietly, though.

I don't want my colleagues to find out I have a pen chant for violence.

What do vegan white nationalists chant at rallies?

Sieg-Kale, Sieg-Kale!

Chant joke, What do vegan white nationalists chant at rallies?

The Alzheimer's Support Society chant...

What do we want?

We don't know!

When do we want it?


There is a tribe over in Africa

There is a tribe over in Africa called the fuckrwe. Every member stands at a height of only two feet tall and the grass they hunt their pray is 5 foot tall. As they run through the tall grass they chant their name "We're the fuckrwe!, We're the fuckrwe!"

He looked like a winner

Until the crowd started to chant his name
"Kim Yu Suk"

I don't get Trump's hate on Mexicans...

... They'll chant "You, ese!" just as well as any other person in this country!

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Here is an ancient gypsy blessing meant to give good fortune.

You must chant the words about a dozen times, slowly at first and then more and more quickly as you go on.

Eye sow hand lie can itty oat toot hay.

What did the monks chant during the electric boogie danceoff?


There are two kinds of cultists.

Those who can lead the rituals, and those who chant.

What did the communists chant when they decided to eat the rich?

Down with the Vourgeoisie!

What do patriotic nerds chant?


Chant joke, What do patriotic nerds chant?

Chant at a pro-sexual consent rally.

"What do we want?"

*-- Consensual intercourse!*

"When do we want it?"

*-- Not right now!*

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