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  1. Why did the silly boy take his piggy bank outdoors? He heard there was going to be a change in the weather.
  2. WEATHER MONEY Q: Why did the woman go outdoors with her purse open?
    A: Because she expected some change in the weather.
  3. Q: Why did the blonde go outside with her purse open?
    A: Because she heard there would be a change in the weather.
  4. I was thinking, when does the weather change from partly cloudy to partly sunny? When I step outside

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  1. When does it rain money? When there's change in the weather.
  2. When does money fall from the sky? When there is a change in weather
    Forgive me
  3. Why did the window blush? Because it could see the weather changing.
  4. Climate change is just Chuck Norris playing with the thermostat.
  5. How is a man like the weather? Nothing can be done to change either one of them.
  6. The climate requires Chuck's permission to change.

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A couple decides to go on vacation.

A couple from London decides to go on a vacation together to Spain.
Due to a sudden change in the wife's work schedule the husband decides to fly first and the wife will join him a couple of days later.
As the husband arrives weather is great and he feels kind of bad for his wife still working at home so he immediately decides to send her a letter.
Unfortunately the letter by mistake gets sent to the grieving widow next door.
Being old and still in shock after just having lost her husband she opens up the envelope without looking at the address.
The letter read as following:
"Hi Honey! Just got down here and boy is it freaking hot.
Looking forward to seeing you when you arrive in a few days"