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I was changing some fuses at Buzzfeed...

... Number 14 shocked me.

Tried changing my password to "14days"

but it was two week

I tried changing my password to "Twilight".

It said "Error: contains too many useless characters"

Changin joke, I tried changing my password to "Twilight".

I just tried changing my password to Beefstew1

But the site said that it was not stroganoff.

I tried changing up the way I use the bathroom, so I wiped with my left hand today!

I really wish I used toilet paper instead, though.

They're now changing the name of America to america

They don't deserve the capitol.

I tried changing my password to "Goku"

But facebook said it was too weak.

Changin joke, I tried changing my password to "Goku"

What does changing a password and my wife have in common?

They both keep saying "the input provided does not meet the minimum length requirements."

They are changing the occupation title of mailmen so it is less gender bias

They will now be called personmen

Changing a "C" to a "G" can have fatal consequences...

because some Clockwork suddenly turns into a drive-by shooting.

When changing your diet to salad,

It's best not to dive head-first.

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If you think changing the 6 to a 7 in 2016 will make it better

Just remember how it turned out for the Galaxy Note 7

Everyone is saying they're changing gender, or changing race, or this and that about politics. And I am just sitting here like...

What about the droid attack on the Wookies?!

I went into the changing room in a clothing store several times...

But it stayed the same.

I tried changing my facebook name into Stephen Hawking

but it said the username is invalid.

So what's up with changing rooms at Victoria's Secret?

You actually telling me those are used underwear?

Changin joke, So what's up with changing rooms at Victoria's Secret?

I was considering changing my bedsheets today...

But I thought I'd sleep on it

Changing my bowling team name to E-Bowl-A

Tagline: We are so sick! Killing the competition!
.... too soon?

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