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The cast of Friends got shipwrecked on an deserted island...

Monica, Joey and Chandler were left behind because in real life David is a Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow.


Back in the '90s my then-wife and I used to watch the TV show Friends, and as people did we would compare ourselves to the characters in the show. I always said I was the Chandler of our group because I felt I was the sarcastic, funny one, and my then-wife would always come back with saying I was more like Ross because he was whiny. We'd laugh about it, but when she eventually left me for her girlfriend I realized I should have paid more attention to what she was saying.

Girl: I think we should just be friends

Me: ya okay, but I get to be Chandler!

If life is like chandler bing then 2020 is the year with Janice !

People have never said Oh my god so many times in a year.

What did Chandler Bing say when he reached Point Nemo?

Can you *be* any more Pacific?

FRIENDS is actually an acronym for the names of the characters


bIng, chandler





Ross's sister had a fear of wind instruments

So Chandler played the drums.

He didn't want to Harm Monica.

Does it ever strike you that the search engine "Bing" was named after Chandler Bing from Friends ???

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