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What does Lebron James do after winning the NBA

He turns off his Xbox.

Bill Russell tried to sell a championship ring to LeBron James for $1......

...... but LeBron only has 3 quarters.

Read online on a comment. LOL

I'm going to the reverse origami championship tomorrow

Can't wait to see how it unfolds

Championship joke, I'm going to the reverse origami championship tomorrow

Three guys are talking about their families (likely a re-post)

Three men - Bob, Joe, and David - are bragging about their families. Bob and Joe are Catholic, and David is Mormon.

Joe says "I've got four athletic daughters. One more and I'll have a championship basketball team."

Bob responds "I've got eight athletic sons. One more and I'll have an all-Anerican baseball team."

David answers "I've got five beautiful wives. One more and I'll have a golf course."

One day before school..

there was an announcement about the big championship wrestling match after school that involved the schools hottest girl student. After hearing this John asks Bill if he wants to go watch her wrestle. After contemplating for a John replies "I guess, but I'd rather see her box."

Today I won the National Laziness Championship!

What did you win?


Nick Saban and Jameis Winston walk into a bar...

To watch the National Championship game.

After five minutes Winston is caught in the kitchen stuffing his shirt with crab legs.

Upon hearing of their potential ban from the bar, Saban hides out and waits until the middle of the night to sneak quietly to another bar in a different city.

Championship joke, Nick Saban and Jameis Winston walk into a bar...

This weekend the Patriots defeated the Colts in the AFC championship game by a score of 45-7...

But, this week it would be 38-14, adjusted for inflation.


Just got back from competing in the Blindfolded Masturbation World Championship

No idea where I came.

How is winning the Stanley Cup different than winning other championship trophies?

Don't ask me... I'm from Buffalo.

Steph Curry did what Lebron couldn't do

Win a championship in Cleveland

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UVA did something King James couldn't do....

Brought a championship to the Cavaliers!

Did you hear about the attempted shooting at the 2015 Pokémon World Championship?

The gunmen tried to escape, but luckily, officers were able to catch'em all.

A man walks into a bar...

...and loses the international limbo championship.

(I feel like this is probably really old, but I hadn't heard it before.)

Did you hear about the all-leper boxing world championship final

I hear it was a real face off in the second round

As a German I have concerns about the European soccer championship...

Last time it didn't end well when we sent a couple boys to France to defeat all of Europe.

Championship joke, As a German I have concerns about the European soccer championship...

A Brit, a Spaniard and a Dutch walk into a bar..

.. unfortunately the Icelander couldn't come, he's still in the European Championship.

What do you call an Englishmam in the Euro championship final

A referee

What happened to the loser of the Frisbee Championship Finals?

He threw it.

Dracula & Frankenstein are in the heavyweight championship. Who wins?

Dracula. Frankenstein went down for the count.

What's better than winning the wheel chair basketball championship?

Having legs...

If there was a championship for the world's biggest loser, Hillary would take second place.

Because she can't win anything.

Watching the NCAA Football Championship Game with Dad

Me: "Who's the favorite?"
Dad: "Your brother."

I was trying to remember where I left my championship boxing-kangaroo...

and then it hit me.

I wanted to watch the world Origami Championship on TV.

But it was only on paper view

I just watched 5 minutes of Hockey

The most I've watched since Gordon Bombay led his team to the Championship in '92.

Did you hear about the knotting championship match?

They tied.

- "Dude, sarcasm will never get you anywhere in life"

+ "Well, it got me to the Sarcasm World Championship in Peru back in 98"

- "Really?"

+ "..."

I've had a good couple of days,

I've just got back from winning the World Domestic Violence Championship.

I knocked my daughter out in the semis and beat my wife in the final.

Yesterday I entered the world blindfolded wanking championship.
I have no idea where I came though.

Did you see the Alabama football player who proposed after he won the national championship last night?

His sister started crying and could barely give him a clear answer

How many Quarterbacks does it take to win the National Championship?

Tua them.

Why is Donald Trump rooting for the Patriots to win Super Bowl LII?

Because they're the only championship team that might accept his invitation to the white house.

Poor children in African nations are really excited...

They're finally getting New England Patriot super bowl championship shirts!

Who has been waiting the longest for Philadelphia's first NFL championship?

Bald eagles

Why hasn't columbine won a basketball championship since 1999?

They lost their best shooters

The soccer world championship for men is called the World Cup

Is the women's version the World Bra?

Sunderland aren't a bad football team

They managed to get out of the Championship on their first attempt, just like Newcastle

Winner of the National Championship for Poems - Category: "Timbuktu"

Tim and I off hunting went.
Found three girls in a pop up tent.
They were three and we were two.
So I bucked one and,
Tim bucked two.

The Regional Marionette Championship was in town last week...

It's famous for being really hard to enter, but I really wanted to compete in it.

Let's just say... I pulled a few strings!

Did you hear about Marvel wanting to buy the NHL?

They want to rename the championship trophy, The Stan Lee Cup

Did you hear about the amputee debate team?

They almost won the championship, but it turns out their argument didn't have a leg to stand on.

"Cleveland, LeBron got you your championship, you shouldn't be upset"

Yeah? Well my dad bought me an xbox once, but then he left me

Did you hear about the brothel that opened across the street from a golf course?

It too has 36 championship holes.

Sunday, March 4, 2017:

World Chess Championship. The hotel hosts a gala event with food and drink in the hotel lobby. The semi finalists are mingling. The final two are bragging about their respective stratagems for the final match. The desk clerk asks them to hang around. Because we all love to hear.... Two Chess nuts, boasting in an open foyer.

What do Notre Dame and Michigan football have in common?

Neither has ever played in a conference championship game.

*Sarcasm doesn't get you anywhere*

Me: It got me to the world sarcasm championship in peru.


Me: No

A man walks into a bar in New Orleans

He sits down next to a man in a jacket. Both of them are watching a preview of the upcoming nfc championship. They both start debating over who will win, and the debate turns into an argument. The man says 100 bucks my saints win! Your on replied the man as he unzipped his coat to reveal black and white stripes. Good luck I got a game to ref replies the ref.

Q: What does a Oregon Ducks fan do when his team has won the national championship?

A: He turns off the PlayStation 3.

Congratulations to the class of 2020

You are the first class that will have a 100% participation in the annual senior skip day championship.

Big news today in the World Reverse-Parking Championship....

Last years winner just backed out!

A horse walks into a bar.

This makes it lose the Worlds Dressage Championship.

I'm thinking of starting a marsupial fighting championship

I'll call it mortal wombat

A Frenchman, a Dutchman and a German walk into a bar...

Normally there also would've been a Belgian, an Englishman and an Italian, but they couldn't come since they're still at the European Championship.

In today's European Championship soccer match, several players from the Czech Republic were seen slipping on the grass repeatedly in their loss to Denmark, while their Danish opponents didn't seem to have an issue at all.

Must be an issue with Czechs and balances.

Bad dream

A guy went to the doctor complaining about a bad dream.

Doctor : what seems to be the problem?

Guy: I'm having dreams about this chickens playing in a soccer championship, every night.

Doctor: for how long?

Guy: must be a weak or so.

Doctor: okay, we'll solve this problem, just take this pills twice a day for a week, starting now!

Guy: OK Doc thank you but can I start tomorrow cause tonight is the final?

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