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If Liverpool wins, somebody warn the Pope!

1. A British prince gets married
2. Liverpool wins the Champions League
3. The Pope dies

1. A British prince gets married
2. Liverpool wins the Champions League
3. The Pope dies

1. A British prince gets married
2. Liverpool is in the Champions League's final

If anyone's interested, my buddy has tickets for Champions League Final match (26th of May) in Kiev, Ukraine

He bought the tickets, but the damned fool forgot he was getting married that weekend. Anyone up for taking this off his hands?

The girl's name is Catherine and she's really lovely.

Why can't there be a League of Legend's team of 5 Lucians?

Because you can't have a team with only 3 champions.

Shakhter Karagandy (Celtic's Champions League opponents)

Apparently they've been given permission for their pre-match tradition of sacrificing a sheep, I'd like to see them progress given Celtic's pre-match tradition of sacrificing a Mars bar.

I watched Liverpool in the Champions League Final on YouTube on Friday night.

I thought YouTube only done funnies, Boy did they they come up with the goods that night. Funniest thing I have ever seen.

The real hero of Champions League is Make A Wish Foundation

who made a young retarded man's dream come true so he could be a goalkeeper at the finals.

If you wanna win the Champions League, always remember to brush your teeth

Else you'll get Karius.

Which 4 champions in League of Legends does a tumble gamer hates?

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