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What's it called when a chameleon can't change its colors anymore?

A reptile dysfunction.

Why do you never drive on a highway next to a chameleon?

He might turn into you.

Hey did you hear about the chameleon that couldn't change color?

It had a reptile dysfunction

Chameleon joke, Hey did you hear about the chameleon that couldn't change color?

What's wrong with a chameleon that can't change colors?

He has a reptile dysfunction.

What do you call a Hindu lizard?

A karma chameleon

What does a chameleon that can't change color suffer from?

Reptile disfunction

What do you call it when a chameleon can't change colors?

reptile disfunction

Chameleon joke, What do you call it when a chameleon can't change colors?

What is the funniest two legged lizard?

The stand-up chameleon.

Lost airport chameleon finally found

after hiding in plane site

What was a doctors diagnosis of the victims involved in a pet van crash?

Coma, Coma, Coma, Coma, Coma, Chameleon

Why are chameleons such bad sexual partners?

They come and go

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Boy George has been attacked by his pet lizard

He's going to get a calmer chameleon.

A chameleon came into a new environment.

He thought to himself, 'Colour me intrigued'.

What did the colour-changing lizard say to his significant other?

You're one in chameleon

I walked into a pet shop and said, "Excuse me, do you have any blenders?"

The man said "yes" and handed me a chameleon.

What do you call chameleon that can't change its colours?

A chameleoff

Chameleon joke, What do you call chameleon that can't change its colours?

What is a chameleon that cannot change color?

A reptile dysfunction

What's its called when a chameleon can't change its color anymore?


Green chameleon for sale...

No, a red one.

No, blue.

No wait, a pink one.


Never mind, I'm keeping it!

What is it called when a chameleon can't change it's colour?

Rigor mortis

Boy George has never owned an angry chameleon.

He knows how to calm a chameleon.

Did you hear about the old chameleon who can't change color anymore?

He has reptile disfunction

My chameleon couldn't change colors, so I took him to the vet…

Poor guy was diagnosed with ereptile dysfunction.

What is Boy George's favourite curry?

Korma Chameleon

what do you call a chameleon who cant change his colours anymore?

Areptile dysfunction

You should never...

You should never pamper your pet chameleon, because it'll start to show it's *true colours.*

Me, at the chameleon store...

Do you have any chameleons?

Clerk: I have no freaking idea

Two Chameleons walk in a gym.

The first one says Spot me, bro

The second goes Who said that?

Waiter: "What'll it be?"

Diner: "I'll have the chameleon."

Waiter: "That's not on the menu."

Diner: "How can you be sure?"

Why are chameleons good in smoothies

Because they blend in well

Three moms were driving and nearly ran over a Lizard.

It was car ma car ma car ma chameleon.

So all the animals gathered and having a party,

Everybody is drinking and talking and having a good time,
suddenly a chameleon get to the middle of the room, say "check this out" and start changing color of his skin for a minute straight.
Once he done he say "Lets see any of you do the same".
Suddenly octopus appear from the crowd and says:
hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer.

I never put my unpopular opinions on Reddit.

I guess you could say I'm a Karma Chameleon.

What do you call an upvote that changes colors ?

A karma chameleon

I love going to pet shops. If I see an empty cage, I put a large pre prepared sign, saying "CHAMELEON"....

(stand back and watch the fun.)

If a chameleon can't change color

Does that mean it has reptile dysfunction?

I am really sad because my pet chameleon won't change colors

I think he has ereptile dysfunction

Chameleons are supposed to blend well,

but I think it's ruined this smoothie.

What is it called when a chameleon can no longer change colors?

A reptile dysfunction.

What do you call it when a chameleon can't change colours anymore?

A reptile dysfunction

A mother Chameleon was so overcome with joy when her eggs hatched that her camouflage dropped.

Looking down excitedly, she exclaimed, "I've become apparent!"

What did the chameleon say when he walked across a tie-dye shirt?

Whoa, that last bug must have been laced with something!

I went to a pet store today and put a large "CHAMELEON" sign in front of an empty cage.

Stand back and watch the fun.

Three chameleons walk into a bar

The first one looks the others in the eyes and says I have a confession to make...

The second one, holding back tears, responds you're seeing someone else?

Why don't chameleons get hit by cars?

They always look both ways.

I'm a chameleon. Somehow wedged myself between a brick and a tree trunk.

Brown to the left of me. Ochre to the right. Here I am stuck in a middle-ish hue.

At a party chameleon says

"Hey, guys, look what I can do", and changes his color to match the walls of the room. Everyone goes "Wow!" Then octopus comes up to him and says "Hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer."

A guy on meth decides to sell his chameleon, and starts typing an ad

I have a red chameleon for sale. Nope a blue one. Scratch that, a green chameleon. Wooow, not for sale.

What do you call a chameleon who cant grow his tail back?

ereptile dysfunction

I'm really funny, people tell me my humour comes in all sorts of colors.

Someone suggested I should be a stand up chameleon.

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