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A man is walking down the street

He notices another gentleman walking down the sidewalk towards him dragging a long chain behind him.

He says to the man, "Excuse me sir, but why on earth are your dragging that long chain down the road?"

The man replies, "Have you ever tried to push a chain down the road?"

Freedom Tower

Apparently they're having such a hard time filling office space in the new Freedom Tower, they've opened it up to big chain department stores...

Just what America needs β€” another Target.

5 WoW related jokes

Yo mama so fat chain lightning hit her twice.
Yo mama so fat, when she logged in for first time she got the World Explorer achievement.
Yo mama so fat, she caused the Cataclysm by running to a buffet sale.
Yo mama so fat, she's immune to Death Knight's Death Grip.
Yo mama's so fat, it takes a 10 man raid of warlocks to summon her.

Chain joke, 5 WoW related jokes

I just received a chain letter and if I don't re-send it a dead woman will appear in my closet....

Guess who's getting laid tonight.

Slaves and snow tires

What's the difference between a slaves and snow tires? Snow tires don't sing when you put a chain around them.

Chain jokes?

I just wanted to know some chain jokes, doesn't matter any kind. I have 1 but that's really all I know:

Q: Why did little Suzy get run over by a car?
A: She had no arms or legs!

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Not little Suzy

I'm gonna turn nfsw on just in case :/

The best part about owning a cat...

One of the best things about having a cat is that when you hear noises at night you can just think, "Oh, must be the cat," and go back to sleep. Why, just last night my cat dragged what must have been a large chain around the house moaning, "All who have desecrated this land must die." cute.ο»Ώ

Chain joke, The best part about owning a cat...

What did you do wrong if your wife comes out of the kitchen and yells at you?

You made her chain to long.

A guy runs into a saloon and yells "everybody clear out, Big John's comin' to town!"

A couple minutes later a mountain of a man rides into town on an ox and he's dragging a mountain lion on a chain behind him. He gets down and punches the ox and slams the mountain lion and says "You guys stay here."

He walks into the saloon, ripping the doors off the hinges. Walks up to the bartender grabs him by the shirt and says "Give me a bottle of beer." Bartender does, guy bites the top right off, chugs it down in one gulp and slams it down on the bar.

Bartender asks, "Ca-ca-can I getcha another?"

Guy says "Naw. I gotta get out of here. Big John's coming to town."

What mistake have you made when your wife comes in from the kitchen to yell at you?

Made her chain too long.

Life is hard for kinky black people. Whites used to chain them up and whip them...

For free. Now it costs $200 an hour.

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What's similar between a black man and a bicycle?

They both stop working when the chain comes off.

What's black and blue and usually disliked in the hip-hop community?

A white dude wearing a gold chain

My ex-wife got a job in Huston giving back-rubs in Walmart

She's the Texas Chain Store Massager

What do you call a chain of singing islands?

An acapellago.

I chained up my trophy wife in the basement...

She's atrophy wife now.

Chain joke, I chained up my trophy wife in the basement...

I heard this song by the Righteous Brothers

I cant remember what its called, but it was off the chain

Why would OP make a terrible pizza chain?

Because they don't deliver.

There are two ways to trigger a nuclear chain reaction: ...

The first involves hitting uranium with accelerated protons. The second is mentioning Hillary and Feminism in one sentence.

What famous hotel chain do muslims prefer when travelling on religious holidays?


A major American chain of stores may be on the receiving end of some recent controversy.

Although sources will not outright name the chain for legal purposes, they did say the stores have painted a giant target upon themselves.

U.K. pub chain, J. D. Wetherspoons is now backing Britain's exit from the E.U.

But the agoraphobic society want to stay in.

What's Mr. Ts chain made out of?

Fools gold

I saw a Dwarf who had escaped from prison climbing over a chain link fence. As he was climbing down the other side he scowled and stuck his tongue out at me and ran away...

I said to myself "That was a little condescending"

Our Sins

So what if the whole Hilary/Trump presidential race is a result of of that last guy who didn't forward that chain mail causing the end of the world...

All my chainsaws broke last night...

I guess you can call it a chainsaw massacre.

I'll walk my self out now...

Russian Nursery Rhyme

The incy wincy conrade
Was tugging at his chain
About rights of workers
He complain

The secret police
Am get order to restrain
And the incy wincy comrade was never seen again

My girlfriend said we should experiment more in the bedroom

This morning we synthesised a new protein chain

What is the similarity between a black man and a bike?

They both only work with a chain on.

At some point I really want to manage a Wal-mart in Texas.

I want to be a Texas Chain Store Manager.

What's the longest carbon side chain known to man?

A Pteradactyl

In the political correctness of 2017, is it still ok to call my wife the "ol ball and chain"?

Or is that rude to the ball and chain?

A man stands, chain smoking at a bus stop...

A man stands, chain smoking at a bus stop.

The woman standing next to him says "Hey, don't you know that those things can kill you? I mean, didn't you see the giant warning on the box?!"

"That's OK..." says the guy, puffing casually, "I'm a programmer"

"So? What's that got to do with anything?"

"Errors are serious, warnings are nothing...".

Stop calling it the Zelda Franchise - It's called the Zelda Chain.

Because there's so many Links

Dont call it the Zelda franchise

Call it the Zelda chain because it has so many Links

A man dies on his trip to an island chain in Equador

and becomes a Galapaghost.

Did you hear about the chain of German restaurants opening up this year?

They're going to be serving Sausages, Brats, Anne Franks.

What is the similarity between a bicycle and a dark person?

Without chain they won't work

I think Pizza Hut is the cockiest pizza chain on the planet

because Pizza Hut will accept all competitors' coupons. That makes me wish I had my own pizza place: Mitch's Pizzeria -- this week's coupon: unlimited free pizza.'

Non-chain restaurants are usually better than chain restaurants

because they're... off the chain.

A knights wife recieves a package from the blacksmith

The knight asks her: "Is this my new chest plate?"

She replies: "Sorry my dear, it's just a chain mail."

My wife is going into labor.

They plan for the chain to be 6 ft long.

Even if Hitler had only run a fast food chain, it would have turned out terribly...

I mean, who wants to order the "Arbeit Macht Fries"?

What pizza chain do people with epilepsy like the least?

Little seizures

TIL you can get fired from a large American sandwich chain for messing up a single customer's order

Whoops, wrong sub

I once chained my bike to a large Pole...

... he was very upset!

In which world are cows at the top of the food chain?

Well not in this one but maybe in the udder one

My PC must be a former chain smoker

So many patches!

How many midgets does it take to lift something with a crane?

As many you can use to make a long chain.

This kid is dragging a chain down the road

and it's bangin' and clanging and making so much noise. An old man pops out of a house and shouts "Son, why you gotta drag that chain?" and the kid replies "Sir, have you ever tried to *push* a chain?"

I was pretty good at nuclear physics...

Everytime I yawned in class, I'd set off a chain reaction.

Your mom isn't at the top of the food chain...

I eat her every night.

I have an idea for a chain of Elvis Presley steak houses.

It will be for people who love meat tender.

What do bicycles and black people have in common?

Neither work when the chain comes off.

I saw my postman dressed as a knight on Halloween but his armour was made of envelopes.

I don't think he really understands how to make chain mail

Why did the supply chain manager wake up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat?

He was having a logistical nightmare.

Due to the recent relaxation of laws in Saudi Arabia,

a new chain of fast food restaurants are opening up which are run solely by women.

It's called Burka King.

The CEO of a dwindling hotel chain shows up in court to save his company from bankruptcy

It was his last resort.

I stole a pen from the bank

It was off the chain.

Your mom so fat..

Her favorite jewellery is the food chain

If a chain of islands belonged to Germany, what would it be called?

Not Funny Atoll.

Worst name for a discount fast food chain?

Taco Liquidators.

Today marks 10 years...

...since I didn't forward that mail chain that got me bad luck. It's on now

What do you call it when sodium and potassium surges the electron transport chain?

A deep nap

What do you call group sex in Duckburg?

A Daisy chain.

Did you hear about the waiter who became a manager?

He worked his way up the food chain.

What do you do when you'r wife is screaming at you in the living room

Shorten the chain from the kitchen

A Biker was working on his bike, when a blind woman walks up to him.

She says "I hear you're a biker? I love bikers, I'm going to give you the most pleasure you've ever had in your life."

The biker got excited and said "sure, go ahead!"

The next think he knew, she was moaning "oh yeah, you like that don't you?"

Confused, the biker looked around.

Turned out she was just yanking his chain.

How do Knights communicate ?

Chain mail

Considering the recent name changes of country music groups "The Chicks" & "Lady A" ...

... the famous paper drinking cups (the brand with the now-taboo southern-sounding name) will likely be named "Deez Cups", but only sold at "Winn-Deez" (as the grocery store chain decided to alter its name as well).

A man is driving down a country road...

... and his car suddenly breaks down. He pulls over and starts to look under the hood when he hears a voice from behind.

"Looks like your timing chain broke"

He turns around and is surprised to see a horse standing there and nobody else around.

The man runs away scared and reaches a farm house about a mile down.

A farmer comes to the door and the man tells him what just happened. He tells him that horse spoke and told him the timing chain broke.

"What?" The farmer asks "wait, was it a brown horse with a white spot on his face?"

"Yes! That's the one!" The man replies.

Farmer: "oh don't listen to him, he doesn't know anything about cars"

Old Man sitting on his porch a kid walks by dragging a heavy steal chain.

The old man say, Hey Kid why are you dragging that chain around ?

The kid says, Have you ever tried to push one

What's the difference between a saxophone and a chain saw?

You can tune a chain saw.

Alternate answer: vibrato.

God asks a guy, would you set in motion a chain of events that will lead to the whole visible universe being destroyed in 1 million years, for 1 trillion dollars? Guy says yes thats alot of money and I've got to live for today.

God pulls out a mountain of cash and swims in it and says, then you'll understand what I did 999,999 years ago.

The story behind Carl's Jr and Hardee's

You know how Carl's Jr and Hardee's are essentially the same restaurant? That's because Carl and Hardee are brothers. But Hardee is an awful name for a person -- and his brother teased him relentlessly for it -- so they started out with only Carl's Jr chains. Eventually, Hardee wanted to open his own chain of restaurants, but Carl wasn't having it, so they set a court date.

In the court, the judge turned to Carl and said "please stand and state your name for the record".

"I'm Carl Harhar".

The judge turned to the other brother and said "And yours?"

"Hardee Harhar".

I tried to kill a spider by spraying it with a whole can of White Rain hair spray

But that didn't work, now it's wearing blue eye shadow and chain smoking Virginia Slims.

Did you hear about the unprofitable chain of comedy clubs that went public through an IPO?

It has now become the laughing stock.

A big bar chain opened a bar on Mount Everest.

Naturally a lot of people were really excited to be able to have a few drinks in the highest place in the world.

There was a lot of buzz and excitement about this new bar but when it came to opening day. The opening ceremony was poor, the drinks tasted bad and the service was terrible.
Everyone was bitterly disappointed that the bar did meet their expectations.

A lesson was learnt that day by the owners of the Everest Bar.

Don't set the bar so high.

A German butcher and a Polish butcher started a competition... see who could make the longest continuous chain of sausage links in one hour.

It was a tight competitions; both men take pride in their craft and in their sausage-slinging heritage. The two were neck-in-neck up until the 59th minute, wherein the Polish butcher had a slip of the hand and split his last sausage asunder. When the scraps finally settled, the Polish butcher had managed 120 links and the German managed 121.

Naturally, the German butcher won, because he went a frank further.

guys are all like i want a crazy gf

then all of a sudden they're all mad at you like how did you find my location why are you stalking my kindergarten girlfriends mom on facebook you can't chain me up and force me to be your boyfriend

like omfg pick a side

So I'm trying to open a chain of outdoor, overnight facilities to help children overcome symptoms of ADHD.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting the bank to approve a loan for concentration camps.

Due to inflation, the rapper Chamillionaire is changing his name to ChaMiddleClass.

2 Chainz also announced that he's changing his name, due to supply chain issues

Why did the DNA chain blush?

It was part of his genetic makeup.

A nuclear physicist is convinced he can win the Tour de France

He says biking is just a chain reaction.

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