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The chairman of Perdue Chicken goes to the Vatican to meet the pope.

Jim Perdue, CEO of Perdue Chicken, goes to the Vatican to meet the pope. He says "Pope Francis, it is an honor to meet you. As you know, I am a devoted Catholic, and I'm bringing a generous donation today - 2 million dollars - and in return I simply ask you hear a proposal."

Pope Francis says, "yes, of course."

Jim Perdue says "I propose you change all references of bread to chicken. For example, 'Give us this day out daily chicken.' And instead of bread-based Eucharist, you could give chicken nuggets."

Pope Francis says, "sir, that is really not a feasible proposal."

Perdue says, "tell you what, I'll donate the $2 million no strings attached, but if you implement my proposal, I'll donate another $20 million."

The Pope merely thanks him and leaves the room.

The next day, at a meeting with his cardinals, the pope says, "Exalted cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church... we need to discuss the Wonderbread account."

Chain jokes?

I just wanted to know some chain jokes, doesn't matter any kind. I have 1 but that's really all I know:

Q: Why did little Suzy get run over by a car?
A: She had no arms or legs!

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Not little Suzy

I'm gonna turn nfsw on just in case :/

Chain Potok meets Billy Graham

"Hi, I'm Billy"

"Chaim Potok"

"Nice to meet you Potok"

"Nice to meet you Chaim"

Chai joke, Chain Potok meets Billy Graham

Why does Starbux call it an Oprah chai? Because it tastes like Gail.

Chaiwala to Modiji

เคšเคพเคฏ เคชเฅ€เค•เคฐ เคฎเฅ‹เคฆเฅ€ เคœเคพเคจเฅ‡ เคฒเค—เฅ‡ เคคเฅ‹ เคชเฅ€เค›เฅ‡ เคธเฅ‡ เค†เคตเคพเคœเคผ เค†เคˆ-เค…เคฐเฅ‡ เคธเคฐ, เคฌเฅ€เคธ เคนเคœเคผเคพเคฐ เคคเฅ‹ เคฆเฅ‡เคคเฅ‡ เคœเคพเค“เฅค

What did it say on the former chairman of the Hypochondriac Association's tombstone?

Told you!

Q: What did one chair say to another chair?

A: "Here comes another a**hole."

Chai joke, Q: What did one chair say to another chair?

I chained up my trophy wife in the basement...

She's atrophy wife now.

Chai Tea

My wife just got back from Tai Chi class. She brewed a pot of Chai Tea. I told here it tasted pretty shi...

The bruises will heal soon.

Somebody called me pretentious today...

I almost choked on my chai latte.

Why did the chair suck at poker?

It was a folding chair.

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Earlier today at a coffee shop, I spilled my drink all over the paper I was working on.

The barista looked over and said, "Well, essay chai tea happens."

What's Mr. Ts chain made out of?

Fools gold

How many chairs do you need in a mortuary?


All my chainsaws broke last night...

I guess you can call it a chainsaw massacre.

I'll walk my self out now...

I like my chairs the way I like my women

Quiet and conforming to my body

Chai joke, I like my chairs the way I like my women

What do you call an Asian who spills tea on their lap?

Chai Knees

An Englishman marries a Chinese woman

The bloke just couldn't resist having Chai all night long

What did one chair say to the other?

"Silla later"

Chairman Mao was a keen rock climber who managed to scale all the top ten peaks of China. He commemorated his achievement by getting his ears pierced and adding 10 pieces of jewellery to represent each peak.

he was....(ahem)....MaoTenEarring.

Why do the Chinese drink so little Latte?

Because of One Chai policy.

How does grandma's chairlift work?

It has to do with nanatechnology.

Without chairs

we'd have squat.

You know those Chairlifts on stairs for older people?

Apparently they're made with nana-technology. (Thank my father for that one)

I once chained my bike to a large Pole...

... he was very upset!

My PC must be a former chain smoker

So many patches!

The chairman of the FCC...

What's the dyslexic martial artist's favorite drink?

Chai tea.

What does the chairman of the FCC eat for dessert?

Why are there no chairs in the Democratic National Headquarters?

Because everyone is left leaning.

I wanted to do tai chi...

But I ended up with chai tea.

Samsung's chairman has been freed from jail

Sources say he couldn't be charged, but when he went outside he was greeted with an excellent reception.

If at first you don't like tea

Chai, chai, chai again

What is Zamasu's favorite tea to down?

Supreme Chai

Barista: "Would you like Synonym on your Chai latte?"

Customer: "Don't you mean Cinnamon?"

Barista: "It means the same thing, doesn't it?"

What do you call an Asian who spills his latte on his pants?

Chai knees

The chairman of the FCC is starting a new business.

It's going to be called PaiPal.

If a chain of islands belonged to Germany, what would it be called?

Not Funny Atoll.

A chair and a hooker

Whats the difference between a chair and a hooker...

Who's getting sat on

I found a way around the Chai niece sense or ship

[Not removed]

Why was a chair sitting by the casket?

For Rigor Mortis to sit in.

Before ordering takeout, the Indian guy made himself some piping hot tea, but spilled it on himself.

He got chai knees.

I'm trying to get all chairs banned.

I stand up for what I believe in.

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