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I hear that Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, absolutely loves to take part in Nativity plays. He's played a shepherd, the inn keeper and one year, he even played the rear end of the donkey...

But he never made it as a wise man

Chad's wife decided to surprise him on his birthday

and to show him that she's a cool wife, she took him to a strip club.

At the club:

Bouncer: Hi Chad! How you doing tonight?

Wife: How does he know you?

Chad: We play golf together!

Bartender: Evening Chad! The usual?

Wife: And how does he know you?!

Chad: Um, he's on the bowling team!

Hot blonde stripper: Hey sexy, champagne room again tonight?

At this point the wife loses it and storms out of the club, dragging Chad with her, into a taxi.

Taxi driver: Hey Chad! Boy... You picked a fat one tonight huh? Same motel?

What is the whitest African country?


Chad joke, What is the whitest African country?

Took my GF and her friends on a tour on Africa. They hated every country we visited, except for one.

Turns out girls only like Chad.

Hey guys, my name's Chad. I've been sober for 47 days now.

Not in a row or anything. Just... total.

Chad wants to divorce his wife.

He files a court case and during the hearing, the judge asks him why.

He respond by saying - she doesn't satisfy me anymore.

The wife quickly replies - Your honor, the entire neighborhood is satisfied with me, he is the only one who's never happy.

AA meeting: "Hi I'm Chad and I've been sober for forty days"

"Not in a row or anything, just total."

Chad joke, AA meeting: "Hi I'm Chad and I've been sober for forty days"

What country in Africa has the most frat parties?


Chad goes to the dentist.

Dentist: "So, when's the last time you flossed?"

Chad: "Bro, you don't remember? You were there."

Did you hear about the time Chad Muska lost the Tampa Pro competition?


Which country is the douchiest in the entire world?


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A woman had five sons.

A woman had five sons: Alex, Bill, Chad, Doug, and Eric. One day, the woman gets a phone call from the hospital. The doctor says, "I'm so sorry to tell you this, but your son was in a car accident and broke his leg."

"Oh no!" She responds, "Which one?"

The doctor answers, "The left leg."

Which country has the most douchebags?

The Republic of Chad

Chad always has an impeccable fashion sense, even when he's not trying

People ask him how he does it and he tells them, "Well, I didn't stay in the closet all those years for nothing".

What's an Incel's least favourite country?


A man was dissatisfied with a Chad Kroeger album he bought off of the 95% rack...

So he returned it and got his Nickelback

Chad joke, A man was dissatisfied with a Chad Kroeger album he bought off of the 95% rack...

Tom Brady and Chad Johnson were out downtown late at night.

Chad told Tom to go buy some gum for them, then gave Tom a quarter. After around 10 minutes Chad notices Tom hasn't come back yet, so he goes to look for him. After 5 minutes of looking Chad sees Tom being drug across the street, and in the mans left hand he holds the quarter that Chad gave Tom. Chad yells loudly, "HEY MAN GIMME MY QUARTER BACK!"

What do call it when a girl is contemplating sleeping with Chad for a free meal.

Her thot process.

What's an Incel's most hated country?


What do Santa and my creepy neighbor Chad have in common?

They both see me when I'm sleeping

Chadwick Ernest Wong

So Wong, yet so white.

How many incels does it take to change a lightbulb?

None, they just rant about how lightbulbs only work for Chad because it won't screw.

Why can't incels get girlfriends?

Cause they're nice guys and girls rather go for Chad. In fact they're so nice they go around killing random people : (

If men call short women petite. What do women call short men?


Screw you, Chad.

Between Chad Ochocinco and Roy Moore...

Who do you think has said child please more?

What is the favorite wine of a 90's skateboarder?

A Chad Muscatel

President Obama answered questions on YouTube recently. He was asked 7,500 times about legalizing marijuana.

And that was just from Chad in Portland.

If you've never known the feeling of living next to Chad...

just ask Sudan.

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