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Good gynecologists know the key to success

Great customer cervix.

On this international women's day I would like to say to all women everywhere

Thank you for your cervix

What did the Medieval Gynecologist say to his patients?

At your cervix, m'lady

Cervix joke, What did the Medieval Gynecologist say to his patients?

What is a brothels dress code?

No shirt, no shoes, no cervix.

To mothers who have children in the military...

Thank you for your cervix.

What do you call a surrogate mother in the White House?

The secret cervix.

What did the gynaecologist knight say to the queen?

I am at your cervix.

Cervix joke, What did the gynaecologist knight say to the queen?

U.S male active duty and veterans...on this special day, make sure to call up all your old flames, current lovers. Wives and girlfriends as well as any others who helped you out during long deployments and say.....

"Thank you for your cervix!"


My uncle is a very accomplished OB-GYN. He is also incredibly humble, when asked what he does for a living, he casually responds, 'I'm in the cervix industry. '

Stripper joke (NSFW?)

A man walks into a strip club and immediately gets some action from a stripper. He walks out, satisfied, and says,

"Wow, what great cervix!"

What distinguishes a good prostitute from a GREAT prostitute?

Excellent customer cervix.

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I got a hysterectomy at Verizon

Cervix may not be available in your area.

My friend just had sex change...

She said to her doctor, "thank you for the cervix"

What do you say after you have sex with a soldier girl?

Thank you for your cervix.

What did the gynaecologist say when he first met his patient?

I'm at your cervix

Why don't babies work?

Because they're all out of cervix

Cervix joke, Why don't babies work?

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