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Top 10 Funniest Ceremonies Jokes and Puns

Why does the military only allow dress shirts at its ceremonies?

Because civilian casual tees are unacceptable.

Marriage ceremonies are a lot shorter in Texas

Because the wife doesn't have to change her surname.

Just found out that the Oscars is a big lie....

Those people they invite to their ceremonies, are all paid actors.

As of today it is legal for fruit to get married in Finland

Sadly the new law restricts one type of fruit to large elaborate wedding ceremonies............


Why do melons have to have wedding ceremonies?

Because they cantaloupe.

There once was a pastor who was in support of gay rights, but refused to preform gay marriage ceremonies.

People kept asking him, "If you like gay people so much, why don't you marry them?"

Which animal only feasts during Islamic ceremonies?

A Mosqueato.

I don't like graduation ceremonies.

Too much circumstantial pomp.

Why do melons always have such extravagant wedding ceremonies?

Because they CANT-ELOPE.

Roger Goodell must be drunk after last night from...

all the boos from the Patriots' fans during the post game ceremonies.

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