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There are four types of people in the world

1. People who believe in censorship

What kind of boat doesn't let you be nude or swear?

A censorship

This new censorship by Nintendo is horrible....


So the EU just passed their internet censorship legislation...

[Insert $0.05 tax to view joke here]

What happens if you take a popular website, add a dash of censorship, and allow the discretionary system of control to be based on the biases of individuals...

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I hate censorship. In fact, I


Voat has no censorship, no shadow bans

And no servers

Jokes for drinking, when censorship doesn't matter..... I'll start.

Post your jokes, The ones you share with your mates who don't give a toss about all the PC carry on these days. The ones that truly make you laugh when your having a beer or two.

What do you call a boat that doesn't allow criticism?

A censor-ship

You know what I hate so much about censorship?

[Text to be hidden](/spoiler)

What are the funniest censorship jokes of all time?

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