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There are four types of people in the world

1. People who believe in censorship

What kind of boat doesn't let you be nude or swear?

A censorship

The worst thing about censorship is...


Censorship joke, The worst thing about censorship is...

This new censorship by Nintendo is horrible....


What do you call a ship with no name?

A censorship!

So the EU just passed their internet censorship legislation...

[Insert $0.05 tax to view joke here]

What happens if you take a popular website, add a dash of censorship, and allow the discretionary system of control to be based on the biases of individuals...

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Censorship joke, What happens if you take a popular website, add a dash of censorship, and allow the discretionary sy

"Social credit system , censorship of any info that does not fit their narrative , Demonization of people with wrong think " You know who I am talking about.


I hate censorship. In fact, I


What do you call a boat that doesn't allow criticism?

A censor-ship

Voat has no censorship, no shadow bans

And no servers

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Jokes for drinking, when censorship doesn't matter..... I'll start.

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The worst part of censorship?

It ****

I worst part of censorship is that it

You know what I hate so much about censorship?

[Text to be hidden](/spoiler)

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