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Two skeletons want to go to a party...

One goes back to the cemetary and returns with his tombstone. The other one asks: "what's up with the stone?"

"They always want to see an ID."

Old Buddy Hackett Joke:

A very young amorous couple were walking through a cemetary and feeling frisky . So the woman lay down on a grave marker and they made love. A week later the woman's back is still hurting her , so she sees a doctor. The doctor tells her to disrobe, then tells her to turn around to examine her back . The doctor asks her," How old are you?". She says ," I'm 20 years old, why do you ask." The doctor replies, " Because your ass says you died in 1898."

A helicopter crashed into a cemetary

So far 2 survivors and 300 bodies have been found.

Cemetary joke, A helicopter crashed into a cemetary

A car rolls up to the cemetary and the pallbearers unload the coffin.

Resting on top of the coffin is a set of golf clubs. An onlooker remarks to his companion, "He must have been quite the golfer."

"Oh he still is. Once he gets his brother in the ground, he'll still have time for a quick nine."

Dead funny

Late one night Jack takes a shortcut through the cemetary. Hearing a tapping sound, he becomes scared and quickens his pace. The tapping gets louder and Jack is now scared out of his wits.
Then he notices a man chiseling a tombstone.
"Thank goodness!" Jack says to the man.
"You gave me a fright of my life! Why are you working so late?"
"The spelled my name wrong."

I have a very popular cemetary.

People are dying to get in here.

Two pizzas see each other in a cemetary

One asks "Family?" The other says "No, medium."

Cemetary joke, Two pizzas see each other in a cemetary

Hey, how many people do you think are dead in that cemetary

Dad: Hey, how many people do you think are dead in that cemetary
Me: It's gotta be a couple thousand, pop.
Dad: All of them.

A mother and her daughter were passing by a cemetary

"Is that were people die, mama?"

"No sweetheart, thats were the bodies go"

"What about the heads?

True story

Yesterday, a plane crashed in a cemetary in Newfoundland

There is already 823 deads, but the number will grow as Newfies keep digging.

What do you call a viking cemetary?

A grey fjord.

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*driving by literally any cemetary*

You: "Wow have you heard of this cemetary? It's super famous"
Friend: ""
You: "Yeah people are just dieing to get in there"

Why was there a line to get into the cemetary?

Because everybody was dying to get in.

A Cessna 172 crashed in a Dublin cemetary

So far they have recovered 120 bodies.

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