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Why do cellular biologists never agree with mathematicians?

For them, division and multiplication are the same thing.

[Bad joke] The other day my sister asked me what the difference between cellular division and a sock is

To which I replied 'Nothing, they both involve mitosis'

Why do cellular biologists always disagree with mathematicians?

Because to them dividing and multiplying are the same

Cellular joke, Why do cellular biologists always disagree with mathematicians?

I walked into my bosses office and yelled, "Three to five cellular layers of skin."

"What?" he laughed.

"I'm just saying what's on everyone's lips."

Why did the Native American undergo cellular respiration?

To make A TP

What do you call it when a cell is determined to produce ATP?

Cellular Desperation

I think my phone is alive

It has cellular activity

Cellular joke, I think my phone is alive

What is Goku's cellular carrier of choice?


Cancer... what are my treatment options Dr. Trump?

We are going to begin immediately with a strict regiment of calling your cancer "cellular extremism".

I used to date a cellular device

Now she's my iPhone X

What's the similarity between cellular reproduction and when James Charles stubs his toe?

They're both Mitosis

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Today I learned the fame of Albert Einstein pales in comparison to his brother whose work in cellular regeneration has been the subject of many books and several movies.

His name was Frank.

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