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How many sperm cells do virgins have at any given time?

Ohh.. About a handful.

how did the gamete get rich?

because sex cells... Thank you thank you i'll be here all week.

I took my Biology exam last Friday

I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells. Apparently "Blacks" and "Mexicans" were NOT the correct answers.

Cells joke, I took my Biology exam last Friday

Did you know that yeast cells are incestuous?

They're in-bread.

At a contest, I was asked to name one thing that is found in cells

Apparently 'Mexicans' was not the right answer

Two red blood cells met and fell in love

but alas, it was in vein.

Why did all the prisoners at the AT&T jail escape?

Because they had no bars on their cells!

Cells joke, Why did all the prisoners at the AT&T jail escape?

Don Draper and Meiosis get together for an advertisement meeting. They agree on one thing.

Sex Cells.

So I took a biology test the other day...

One of the questions was, "name two things commonly found in cells."

Apparently, young blacks and latinos was not the right answer.

I missed a question on my biology exam today.

The question was "what are commonly found in cells?" I guess "black people" wasn't the right answer.

Why did the biology magazine put a picture of gametes on their cover?

Because sex cells.

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Why are gametes so popular?

Because sex cells!

I asked my friend about his time in prison.

"I have mixed feelings. On one hand I was surrounded by the worst society had to offer. I shared cells with thieves, murderers, and rapists. On the other hand the prison library was filled with the best collection of literature that I've ever seen. I don't know. It has its prose and cons."

Crappy biology bar joke

A few cells enter a bar. They sit in a corner and talk amongst themselves, drink moderately and don't pick up a fight with anyone. They leave the bar quietly.

Because they were cultured cells..

A man is walking by a prison....

...when he sees a midget climbing out one of the cells at the top of the prison. The midget is climbing down a rope when he turns around and sees the man on the street. The midget flips off the men and continues to climb down the rope.

The man says to himself, "Wow, that's a little condescending."

My prison name

If I ever went to prison, my prison name would be The Mitochondria, because I'll be the powerhouse of the cells.

Cells joke, My prison name

In biology they ask us what we find in cells

Apparently black people wasn't the right answer.

I'll see myself out.

Why will people click on any link with sperm or eggs in the headline?

Hey, sex cells.

My biologist girlfriend was making competent cells at the lab today...

I asked if they were very sure of them cells.

Why are Gametes good at marketing?

Sex cells!

I failed my biology test today.

The question was: "What is commonly found in cells?"

Apparently, "African Americans" wasn't the correct answer.

I failed my biology test today.

Apparently, "black guys" isn't the answer to the question "What is found in cells."

Companies should use chromosomes in advertising

Because sex cells.

I spent a year writing a romance novel where two blood cells meet and fall in love. It never got published.

It was all in vein.

I failed my biology test today. There was a question that asked, "What is commonly found in cells?"

I guess my teacher didn't think "black people" was a good answer.

I was asked on a biology test "what is most commonly found in cells"

Black people was the wrong answer...

In biology class my teacher asked "What is most commonly found in cells?"

Apparently "black people" was not the right answer

I failed my AP Biology test...

They asked; "what is something commonly found in cells?"

Apparently black people wasn't the correct answer

Liberals declared leukemia to be racist

There's too many white cells.

I'm thinking about starting up my own brand and naming it Gametes...

Because sex cells.

A joke that has been circulating around for a while...

Two blood cells fell in love, but it was all in vein.

I like my women how I like the borders of my Excel cells

With a thick bottom

I failed a biology test today, they had asked me what was commonly found in cells

Apparently black people was not the answer.

My biology teacher grew human vocal chords from stem cells in the lab, the results...

... speak for themselves

I asked my biology teacher how he makes his class so interesting

He told me: Sex cells.


A girl is doing her homework and her little brother walks in. She asks him for help with a question and he refuses. Angrily she says "Just tell me what the division of two cells is and I won't hurt you". He still won't tell her so she stamps on his foot. "Tell me!" she yells "ouch! mitosis!."

Why are prisons banned from using Comcast Xfinity?

Because then their cells would have no bars.

I'm making a movie about meiosis

It's going to be rated R
Because sex cells.

TIL Type O blood was actually meant to be Type Zero blood, due to lack of glycoproteins in the red blood cells. It was misread as type "O".

I guess you can call it a typo.

Today I Failed my Biology Test.

One of the questions asked. What are normally found inside cells?

Apparently, 'Black People' was not the correct answer.

[Blonde] What do you call a blonde with 2 brain cells?


Last week I took my grandma to the spa

For 20 bucks they have this tiny fish that eat off your dead cells. It was way cheaper than funeral

Why do sperm cells look like commas and apostrophes?

They often interrupt periods and lead to contractions.

Two red blood cells are talking to two platelets...

One red blood cell says "I heard you two finally tied the clot!"

The other says "Coagulations!"

Why can't prisoners get laid?

Because they're in cells.

2 blood cells met and fell in love

Alas, it was all in vein!

Why did the egg and the sperm start a business?

Because sex cells.

My mum has a small shop near the beach, where you can buy batteries ...

She sells C cells by the seashore.

What do you call a blonde woman with 2 brain cells?


One cell looks at another and asks why is meiosis so popular?

The other looks back and says Well, sex cells.

I'm teaching my white blood cells math and my red blood cells computer science

Once they become STEM cells I am hoping to regrow a finger.

If your body was the size of the Atlantic ocean, your red blood cells would be the size of the Titanic

Let that sink in

Brain cells die, skin cells die, even hair cells die.

But FAT CELLS… must have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior because they seem to have eternal life.

Brain cells die, skin cells die, hair cells die

But fat cells must have accepted jesus as their lord savior because of their eternal life

Why prisoners hate women?

Because they're in cells.

What do you call a blonde with one brain cell?


What do you call a blonde with two brain cells?


As a scientist, I received a lot of praise for figuring out a new method of getting drugs to enter cells more effectively and efficiently.

As a prisoner, I received another 2 years on my sentence.

People who make counterfeit batteries....

Belong in cells

Why should red blood cells never say 'jesus christ!'

Because you never take the lord's name in vain

Why don't criminals study biology?

Too many cells

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