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My biology teacher grew human vocal chords from stem cells in the lab, the results...

... speak for themselves

I failed my biology test today.

Apparently, "black guys" isn't the answer to the question "What is found in cells."

I failed a biology test today, they had asked me what was commonly found in cells

Apparently black people was not the answer.

In biology class my teacher asked "What is most commonly found in cells?"

Apparently "black people" was not the right answer

I missed a question on my biology exam today.

The question was "what are commonly found in cells?" I guess "black people" wasn't the right answer.

I asked my biology teacher how he makes his class so interesting

He told me: Sex cells.

So I took a biology test the other day...

One of the questions was, "name two things commonly found in cells."

Apparently, young blacks and latinos was not the right answer.

I was asked on a biology test "what is most commonly found in cells"

Black people was the wrong answer...

I failed my AP Biology test...

They asked; "what is something commonly found in cells?"

Apparently black people wasn't the correct answer

I took my Biology exam last Friday

I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells. Apparently "Blacks" and "Mexicans" were NOT the correct answers.

I failed my biology test today.

The question was: "What is commonly found in cells?"

Apparently, "African Americans" wasn't the correct answer.

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Today I Failed my Biology Test.

One of the questions asked. What are normally found inside cells?

Apparently, 'Black People' was not the correct answer.

I failed my biology test today. There was a question that asked, "What is commonly found in cells?"

I guess my teacher didn't think "black people" was a good answer.

Why did the biology magazine put a picture of gametes on their cover?

Because sex cells.

In biology they ask us what we find in cells

Apparently black people wasn't the right answer.

I'll see myself out.

Crappy biology bar joke

A few cells enter a bar. They sit in a corner and talk amongst themselves, drink moderately and don't pick up a fight with anyone. They leave the bar quietly.

Because they were cultured cells..

Why don't criminals study biology?

Too many cells

What does prison have in common with biology?

Cell culture.

So my biology teacher asked me what are in cells...

I said "black people" and somehow that wasn't right

The Online Biology Class

I almost got expelled in an Online Biology crash course earlier. They asked me what the major constituent of cells are.

Turns out, "black people" is NOT a good answer.

What did the prostitute biology teacher say?

Sex cells.

Biology is the only science in which multiplication is the same thing as division.

Multiplication in biology means reproduction, which is microscopically accomplished by cell division.

Why did the company use gametes in their commerical?

Because sex cells.

Thought of this joke while doing biology homework, is it any good?

Why do Biology teachers have to teach about Meiosis?

Sex cells.


My sister has always been fascinated with cell biology and she moved across state to attend a better college, moving her into her dorm we moved a dresser to benefit the small space she had and in doing so she dropped it on my foot. I yelled out MITOSIS!

(This is my first original joke be gentle)

My biology teacher flunked me when she asked me what is commonly found in cells.

Apparently, black people wasn't the answer she was looking for.

Weird Question in Exam

Q) What do you find in cells?

My Ans) Black People


I dont know why do they ask such weird questions in biology.

I hurt my foot a few days ago

Tripped over the stairs and partially separated my left big toenail. It's getting better, but it still hurts a fair bit.

Yesterday I was walking to class with a female friend of mine who's a cell biology major. I hadn't told her yet about what happened, so eventually she said "So why are you limping, anyway?"

I turned to her, looked her straight in the face, and without missing a beat, I said:

"My toe, sis!"

I took a biology exam the other day.

The test asked me to list two things that are commonly found in cells.

Apparently blacks and mexicans was not the right answer.

In Biology, I learned Mitochondria was the powerhouse of the cell

In Prison, I learned Bubba was the powerhouse of the cell

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